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Did you know that in the hugely popular series, The Chosen, the apostle Peter continually calls John the Baptist “creepy John”? Yet the Bible highly esteems John the Baptist saying he would “be great in the sight of the Lord” and come in the spirit and power of Elijah—Luke 1:15-17. Did you know that in The Chosen, Jesus and John the Baptist get into an argument about whether John should confront Herod or not. But would the Bible’s John of the Baptist, who said he was not even worthy to untie the laces of Jesus’ sandles, argue with Jesus Christ, and is there any hint in God’s Word that Jesus disapproved of John the Baptist’s confronting a leader who was committing adultery? The following video, done by a man who gave us permission to use his video, shows and discusses these scenes and others from The Chosen. As did our booklet, The Chosen Series: 10 Critical Concerns,1 the video below provides ample evidence that The Chosen discredits God’s Word.

(originally from IThink Biblically YouTube channel; copied and used with permission)

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