Vigilant Links ( is a brand new website where members can post links from all kinds of sources (videos, pictures, news articles, social media statuses, etc.) and discuss them with fellow vigilant citizens. Simply paste the URL of whatever link you want to share and the site will automatically post it for you on the site.

Spotted a symbolic picture? Stumbled upon an informative video? Found a news article you want to discuss? Post all of that stuff on Vigilant Links. I will also be posting links on a regular basis while providing some commentary inside the post.

The front page of the site will continually be updated with new and popular links posted by the community.

Mockup1 e1636578564201 Vigilant Links (the New Sister Site of The Vigilant Citizen) Is Officially Online!

Check out that mockup.

Of course, like on The Vigilant Citizen, participation in Vigilant Links is based on anonymity and confidentiality. No personal information is required to create an account, just a nickname, and an e-mail address. And, of course, you can just lurk without even creating an account.

In short, Vigilant Links is the perfect complement to The Vigilant Citizen and it will only get better as the community grows. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to visit Vigilant Links


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