(JNS) A fascinating BBC TV series has explored the way in which Britain’s former Labour prime ministers, Tony Blair and his successor Gordon Brown, revolutionized their party to create the election-winning machine of “New Labour.”

In a moment of painful clarity, Blair reflects on the devastating mistakes that were made in the 2003 war against Iraq, which he helped lead alongside U.S. President George W. Bush to topple Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Saddam’s removal ushered in years of sectarian carnage in Iraq. On the program, Blair says that the biggest mistake was the failure to realize that toppling Iraq’s strongman would remove the one thing preventing warring tribes from trying to obliterate each other.

Far too late, Blair had come to understand that, while for the West ruthless power is anathema, in the Middle East it may be holding back something far worse.

From Baghdad to Jerusalem to Beijing and elsewhere, the West gets it wrong again and again.

Over Iran, the United States is making a lethal mistake. As the West’s most dangerous terrorist foe sprints ever faster towards achieving nuclear-weapons breakout capability, America appears not only unwilling to stop it but to be going out of its way to empower it.

From Baghdad to Jerusalem to Beijing and elsewhere, the West gets it wrong again and again.
Although sanctions against Iran are still formally in place, the Biden administration has stopped enforcing them and even provided billions of dollars in direct sanctions relief. Instead of being weakened, Iran is now well placed to wring further concessions out of a supine United States at the nuclear talks restarting next week in Vienna.

The Biden administration is positively gagging for any kind of deal. Yet whatever form this may take, it will inescapably revive former President Barack Obama’s disastrous policy of funding a regime that has been waging war against the West for more than four decades most dangerous terrorist state while it proceeds inescapably towards getting the bomb. READ MORE

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Josh Toupos

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