When I published my first article about K-pop over 12 years ago, the genre was still a regional phenomenon. However, even as a burgeoning industry, there were already clear signs of occult elite weirdness happening in videos and behind the scenes. Since then, the world of K-pop has been rocked with stories about artists being abused, exploited, and forced to work in terrible conditions. There were allegations of high-level industry people sex trafficking some of these artists and taking advantage of their vulnerable position. Even worse, a slew of bizarre deaths and suicides introduced fans of K-pop to the dark and sometimes ritualistic side of the music industry.

But none that prevented K-pop from exploding in popularity and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. For instance, the video analyzed in this article garnered nearly 9 million views in less than a week, topping YouTube’s trending music videos and rivaling industry juggernauts such as Beyonce.

However, while ecstatic fans praise the group XG’s rapping skills and the video’s cinematic qualities, most seem to ignore an important fact: The video glamorizes all of the sick and toxic industry practices described above. While the video appears to be a random collection of cool and edgy scenes, all of these images suddenly make perfect sense when one knows the actual subject of Woke Up: Monarch Mind Control.

In fact, when one has basic knowledge of the subject, one realizes that Woke Up is nothing less than a blatant celebration of one of the occult elite’s sickest obsessions.

An MK Programming Site

In Woke Up, each XG member is featured in her own scene, which is defined by distinct visual aesthetics. However, these scenes are united by a common thread: They describe an aspect of Monarch mind control.

The video takes place in a prison-like structure surrounded by lights and drones surveilling the place. The building is shaped like a human head with the top part cut off—precisely where the brain would be. This is a mind control facility.

Then, each group member plays a specific role in scenes that are replete with blatant MK imagery.

The Ritual

In one scene, we see a gathering of people wearing suits and horned masks with glowing eyes. These creepy, faceless, demon-like people are all over the video. They’re the creepy, faceless, demon-like elite controlling the industry. 

These people are attending a “ceremony” that is taking place on a checkboard pattern floor. This entire setting is highly reminiscent of a Masonic lodge.

A typical Masonic lodge – people in suits gathering on the all-important dualistic floor.

Maya plays the role of a “master of ceremony.” Behind her is another black-and-white dualistic pattern, again emphasizing this scene’s Masonic and ritualistic aspect.

Then, a bizarre “ritual” takes place.

A person is made to sit in front of the “altar.” The top of his head is gone – symbolizing his status as an MK slave.

The brainless person is dressed in different colors than the rest, indicating he’s not “initiated.” In Masonry, transformative rituals always occur on the dualistic floor. And this guy is definitely about to experience a transformative experience.

His head head explodes to pieces. This is an appropriate way of representing an essential goal of mind control: The fragmenting of the slave’s mind.

In short, this scene highlights the occult and ritualistic elements involved in Monarch programming. Other scenes focus on the MK slaves themselves.

The (Ironic) Queen

In another scene, Cocona plays the role of an MK slave on the brink of a breakdown.

Cocona is in an “undisclosed location” and surrounded by creepy masked men (representing industry handlers). She’s disheveled and generally unwell, as if she went through a traumatic event. That’s the life of an MK slave.

Then she goes into all-out MK breakdown mode.

Cocona starts shaving her head.

The scene is highly reminiscent of Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown, where she infamously shaved her head and acted erratically (watch my video on Britney here).

Britney Spears is one of the most prominent examples of MK slavery in the entertainment industry. And Woke Up pays tribute to Britney’s most publicized MK moment ever.

So, what’s the result of Cocona’s MK transformation? Exactly what you would expect.

Cocona’s shaved head is crowned with devilish horns because she is now under the control of the evil masked people. To ensure you understand this part, she makes a devil horn sign with her hand. Also, her eyes flash a reddish light, indicating that she’s now a soulless, zombie-like slave.

YouTube comments say that this scene “broke boundaries and stereotypes.” It didn’t. It is yet another case of an artist having to glamorize her own slavery.

The Monarch

The scenes involving Hinata are a compilation of the most blatant Monarch programming symbols. It is truly MK 101.

Reflections on a broken mirror: A classic way of representing the fracturing of an MK slave’s core persona.

Several superimposed faces: A classic way of representing several alter-personas, the ultimate goal of MK programming. Also, Hinata wears a “collar,” which strongly implies she’s under tight control.

In a close-up of Hinata’s eye, we see a spiral pattern representing her being under hypnotic control. The pointy “claws” around her eye imply trauma and abuse leading to dissociation.

Butterfly wings while Hinata is bound by strings: This image could not be more Monarch programming.

Hinata’s grillz are shaped like devil horns. The entire video is drenched with satanic imagery because MK programming is deeply satanic. 

In the image above, you’ve probably noticed that there’s also an eyeball in her mouth. This symbol keeps popping up in popular culture to represent industry slaves. That’s because the all-seeing eye is the main symbol representing the occult elite. And, when it’s inside a celebrity’s mouth, it symbolizes the elite controlling everything this celebrity says or does.

Industry darling Sydney Sweeney was photographed with the same symbol.

That symbol is so important that it is on the cover of the song’s single.

That symbol is so important that it is printed on every girl’s shirt. Also, there’s a gigantic all-seeing eye overlooking them. I don’t think they can be more blatant about them being industry slaves.

To consolidate the disturbing vibe of Woke Up, weird, disturbing images quickly flash throughout the video.

What is this? Why? They love to pepper these kinds of images in videos to generate uneasiness on an unconscious level.

The video ends in an appropriate way.

The head structure seen at the beginning of the video explodes. Because everything in this video is about destroying and fragmenting minds.

The image above also perfectly depicts one’s head when one realizes that this video is not about “empowerment” but the exact opposite: enslavement.

In Conclusion

Although K-pop originates from Asia, it is controlled by the same global elite that controls Western popular culture. Therefore, K-pop artists have to participate in the same MK-inspired narratives and display the same occult elite symbolism as their Western counterparts. The elite is looking to create a uniform, global culture that is profoundly satanic and that celebrates pain, misery, exploitation, dehumanization, and the total control of human beings. Considering that K-pop is highly influential across the world, the elite absolutely had to take complete control of its imagery.

And these things are not merely aesthetic. They’re actually happening. Not unlike Hollywood, the K-pop industry is a cesspool of sleaze, where artists are used as sex slaves and pedophilia runs rampant. Appropriately enough, several music videos have been accused of sexualizing minors.

Here’s the sickest part: Not only are these people doing these things with total impunity, but they’re also churning out videos celebrating their crimes and perversions. It’s about time that the world … Woke Up.


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