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Dr. Andrew Woods from Chafer Theological Seminary gives a lengthy and very complete course that deals with soteriology and takes the time to rebut all the arguments against the doctrine of eternal security, also known as OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved). I feel it is important to get this information out, as there is so much misinformation and poor understanding of what the true grace of Jesus Christ actually implies. I hope you take the time to listen to all of these sessions and that it may bless you.

Soteriology, Theology,
One of my personal favorite pictures. I love Jesus and His amazing Love and Grace He showed me a sinner.
Additional Resources and downloads at Dr. Andy Woods Home Church

Soteriology 001 – The Doctrine of SalvationDr. Andrew Woods

Soteriology 002 – Election & Free WillDr. Andrew Woods

Soteriology 003 – AtonementDr. Andrew WoodsIsaiah 53:3-6

Soteriology 004 – Salvation WordsDr. Andrew Woods Romans 3:24-25

Soteriology 005 – God’s One Condition of SalvationDr. Andrew Woods

Soteriology 006 – RepentanceDr. Andrew Woods Acts 2:38

SoteriologySoteriology 008 – Lordship Salvation Pt 2Dr. Andrew Woods Matthew 3:2

Soteriology 009 – Lordship Salvation Part 3Dr. Andrew Woods John 5:24

Soteriology 010 – BaptismDr. Andrew Woods 6John 3:5 

Soteriology 011 – ConfessionDr. Andrew Woods Romans 10:9-10

Soteriology 012 – Ask Jesus into Your Heart?Dr. Andrew Woods Revelation 3:20

Soteriology 013 – SonshipDr. Andrew Woods Ephesians 1:3

Soteriology 014 – RegenerationDr. Andrew Woods Titus 3:5  

Soteriology 015 – JustificationDr. Andrew Woods Romans 5:16

Soteriology 016 – Good WorksDr. Andrew Woods Ephesians 2:8-10

Soteriology 017 – SanctificationDr. Andrew Woods John 17:17

Soteriology 018 – PriesthoodDr. Andrew Woods Revelation 1:6

Soteriology 020 – Eternal Security 02

Additional Lessons for Soteriology (Full Playlist)