Replacement Theology ProblemsDid you know that 5/6th’s of the bible is about Israel?  That is over 83% of our bible.  That is an awful lot of the bible to not have a good understanding.  Israelology The Missing Link in Systematic Theology. Below is a short listing of denominations and highlighted are those that it is there a denominational position that God is done with Israel.  It is a shocking 100 million American Church members that honestly just haven’t been taught the full counsel of God’s word. Approximately 100 Million American Church Members Have Very Little to No Understanding of Bible Prophecy – Bill Koenig

And that’s just America!  We hear and read over and over that Zionism is a dominant position in the Church.  False!  Just look at this list we are currently updating with links.

Who are the Replacement Church Denominations

It is our sincere heart that you will see God’s plan for the Church and Israel as Daniel’s 70th Week approaches.  God is going to do a short and amazing work with the nations of the world and He will judge them by how they have treated Israel.  The world’s ill-treatment of Israel we can understand (they are blind). The Church’s ill-treatment of Israel and worse not understanding God’s plan for Israel.

Approximately 100 Million American Church Members Have Very Little to
No Understanding of Bible Prophecy – Bill Koenig

Christian News Reported from White House Focusing on Israel 

Note from Bill:

Today there are approximately 100 million American church members who have very little to no understanding of Bible prophecy. These church members are from replacement theology churches that don’t teach Bible prophecy and who look at prophetic scriptures as allegorical and not literal. Consequently, they do not understand the importance of Israel to the God of Israel or God’s redemptive plan for Israel and the nations. (To Read “The Error of Replacement Theology” – By Clarence H. Wagner Jr. click here.)

These church members also have no understanding of the biblical significance of what is transpiring today in Israel, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and other Middle East nations. They are also not aware of the significance of the formation of the European Union, new ID technologies, and much more.

Churches Rally against Israel Video Report


I have shared the biblical significance of our times with some of these people and almost all of them can’t process the information mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of these people, due to fear or unbelief, do not want to hear more. Sadly, they also have no biblical point of reference in which to start if they had an interest.

The good news is those who understand Bible prophecy are fully aware of the significance of Israel, God’s time clock, and are watching the times with great interest and expectancy.

The Heresy of Replacement Theology

Below is a list of the 25 largest churches in America. The churches that are highlighted in bold are confirmed replacement theology churches. We are still attempting to confirm a few of the smaller church positions.

Romans 11, Replacement, Theology,

What is Replacement Theology (Supersessionism)

Replacement theology (also known as supersessionism)
essentially teaches that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan. Adherents of replacement theology believe the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people, and God does not have specific future plans for the nation of Israel. All the different views of the relationship between the church and Israel can be divided into two camps: either the church is a continuation of Israel (replacement/covenant theology), or the church is completely different and distinct from Israel (dispensationalism/premillennialism).

Replacement theology teaches that the church is the replacement for Israel and that the many promises made to Israel in the Bible are fulfilled in the Christian church, not in Israel. So, the prophecies in Scripture concerning the blessing and restoration of Israel to the Promised Land are “spiritualized” or “allegorized” into promises of God’s blessing for the church. Major problems exist with this view, such as the continuing existence of the Jewish people throughout the centuries and especially with the revival of the modern state of Israel. If Israel has been condemned by God, and there is no future for the Jewish nation, how do we explain the supernatural survival of the Jewish people over the past 2000 years despite the many attempts to destroy them? How do we explain why and how Israel reappeared as a nation in the 20th century after not existing for 1900 years?

List of Church Denominations (The Replacements in red bold)

U.S. Membership Denominational Ranking: Largest 25 Denominations/Communions –2015 (some updated from original post) Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.  Feel free to contact us and update these stats.

The Roman Catholic Church – 66,407,105

Seventh-Day Adventist – 19,126,438  As of 2015

Southern Baptist Convention – 16,427,736

The United Methodist Church – 8,251,042

The Church of God in Christ – 5,499,875

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – 5,410,544

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – 5,038,006

National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. – 5,000,000

National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. – 3,500,000

Orthodox Presbyterian

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – 3,407,329

Assemblies of God – 2,687,366

The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – 2,512,714

African Methodist Episcopal Church – 2,500,000

National Missionary Baptist Convention of America – 2,500,000

Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc. – 2,500,000

The Episcopal Church – 2,333,628

Churches of Christ, Corsicana, Texas – 1,500,000

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America – 1,500,000

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. – 1,500,000

American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. – 1,484,291

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church – 1,430,795

United Church of Christ – 1,330,985

Baptist Bible Fellowship International – 1,200,000

Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, Joplin, Mo. – 1,071,616

Jehovah’s Witnesses – 1,022,397

Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn., – 944,857

List of Christian Denominations World Wide via WikiPedia

Is it any wonder why most have little to no understanding of the signs of the times?

Hal Lindsey Report – ” The Error of Replacement Theology “

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