Masonic Light Freemasonry symbols square compass luciferMike Hoggard was invited to conduct a live seminar based on Dan Brown’s Book, “The Lost Symbol,” for Cutting Edge Ministries. During that seminar, he covered numerous topics that did not make it into any of other videos.

Freemason’s Secret Symbols Revealed and Bible Prophecy
2010 Prophecy Seminar Part 1 of 3

In this 3-part Prophecy Seminar, you will see topics such as the true foundations of America’s beginnings, the identification of Washington, D.C., as a pagan high place and new discoveries about Bible Numerics. At the end of the seminar, Pastor Mike addresses the issue most people had on their mind: America is very, very close to crossing that Judgment Line with God.

Freemason’s Secret Symbols Revealed and Bible Prophecy

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

The loss of our freedoms is now only awaiting the next ‘trigger event’ — either World War III or the next real terror attack.

Part 1 Freemason Symbols Revealed

Excellent review of the Masonic symbols used in Washington, D.C., and their meanings when used in regular Masonry.

Masonry calls itself a society of secrets, and now through the light of the Holy Scriptures that secret is revealed. Pastor Hoggard will reveal the true meaning of the square and compass, masonic rituals, the lodge, the 33 degrees, and the spiral staircase.

This presentation also unveils the masonic ‘Lost Word’ as none other than the Antichrist. Scores of Masonic symbols will be examined and revealed in this eye-opening presentation.

Pastor Michael Hoggard could not believe his eyes! As he was reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, he saw instance after instance where Brown was validating the teaching of the ‘Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings’ videos, but especially ‘Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.’ video. Pastor Hoggard went back to the beginning of Lost Symbol, this time keeping a journal. Pastor Hoggard will demonstrate all the ways in which Lost Symbol spoke to the same issue as did Secret Mysteries and with the same definition. He said that it seemed to him almost like Dan Brown used the Secret Mysteries’ information to flesh out his plot!

Answer To The Lost Riddle, Part 2 Capitol Secrets

Answer To The Lost Riddle, Part 3 Prophets of The New Order

Part 3 Prophets of The New Order Pastor Mike Hoggard will boldly name names in this no-holds-barred expose’ of the men and women directing the movement toward the Global system of the Masonic Christ — Antichrist. You will never look at the news and the makers of the news the same way again!

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