Quotations from the God Calling Books and the Jesus Calling Series

From Amos37, we highly suggest you download the eBooklet below and view the comparison of quotes and the grotesque amount of Occult methodology intimated throughout. Very well researched by Chris Lawson and Brenna E. Scott.

By Brenna E. Scott Compiled by Chris Lawson

“Readers of A. J. Russell’s God Calling books and Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling series may reject the idea of becoming a medium, channel, or psychic if it is put plainly before them. However, if it is introduced indirectly through Christian-sounding devotions, and if the spirit being channeled is called “Jesus,” they might be more receptive…

The God Calling books and the Jesus Calling series teach the principles of mediumship with gentle, repetitive commands that are woven into the text and scattered throughout the books. Readers are progressively presented with meditation techniques that sound vaguely scriptural but are not actually found in the Bible. Devoted readers, consciously or not, may find themselves gradually embracing an Eastern model of religious devotion…”.

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The New York Times bestselling Christian daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young contains New Age buzzwords, extra-biblical names, pagan concepts, false teachings, and clairaudient (channeling/“clear hearing”) messages from a false Christ (spirit guide). When examining the entire multi-devotional Jesus Calling series as a whole, an elaborate integrated message system containing hidden (occult) teachings is exposed.

In summary, the Jesus Calling series is a “Christianized” training manual for clairaudient/clairvoyant mediumship (spiritism). Presented to a Christian audience and beyond, devoted Jesus Calling fans can be deceived into contacting the spirit world, thinking it is the “Jesus” of the Bible they are in conversation with. But don’t take our word for it. You should examine the irrefutable evidence presented by Sarah Young’s false Christ spirit guide. It is he who ascribes to himself the name “Jesus” and many pagan names and titles alike. Furthermore, it is he who speaks for himself–through Sarah Young. She claims she receives these messages from him! The proof is in Sarah Young’s books and millions of people are under the mistaken impression that it is the biblical Jesus Calling.

​If this beginning paragraph seems a bit too much, you can further validate your concerns and the concerns of many committed Christians by searching these key phrases on the Internet: “Jesus Calling deception,” “Jesus Calling false teaching,” “Jesus Calling heresy,” “deception calling,” “Sarah Young false teacher,” “Sarah Young deception,” “Sarah Young Another Jesus Calling,” and “God Calling and Jesus Calling.

So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the LORD in that he did not keep the command of the LORD, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance. He did not seek guidance from the LORD. Therefore the LORD put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.

[1Chronicles 10:13-14 ESV]

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