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James Sundquist


Zondervan False Report on Rick Warren

By James Sundquist

Dear Pastors, Staff Members, and Church Members of Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia,
As you no doubt already know, Rick Warren and his publisher Zondervan published on their Purpose Driven Life book cover and in their advertising that:

Purpose Driven Life is “the bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history”.

A similar statement was also published and posted by Southern Baptist
leader Jerry A. Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters, in Washington D.C.:

“Purpose Driven Life has sold more than 32 million copies, been translated into 85 languages, was the subject of a major motion picture, and is the best- selling hardback book in American history, according to Publishers Weekly.”NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson  Source NRB

Circulation of a False Report

Jerry A. Johnson may very well now be a member or attendee of one of your churches in Virginia. He knows about this, but to date and to my knowledge, he has not warned anyone or sent out an NRB Alert to his members.

So, in light this Scripture:

“You shall not circulate a false report.” Exodus 23:1

I entreat you to read this investigation to establish and verify whether or not this claim can be substantiated. I have attached for you the Bestselling Books in History Ranking Chart.

Note where Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life ranks, in relationship to #1:

The above claim by Rick Warren and Zondervan was attributed to Publishers Weekly.

So let’s see what the President of Publishers Weekly said about this claim:

“I’ve checked our site which includes all of our content from about 1995. Also touched base with our religion editors and there is no finding of a quote like that… We don’t generally use the term hardback.” September 30, 2013 11:33:08 PM EDT George W. Slowik, President of Publishers Weekly

I also invite you to read a documentary on Warren’s SHAPE Personality Profiling (Step 3 or 301 Discovery Class), and Days 29-31 in Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book, based on Carl Jung, that I wrote which was published in
two Conservative Christian Theological Journals:  Personality Profiling Jung

Silence is Not Golden

To avoid the temptation to remain silent in the face of iniquity, I invite you to sound the alarm to your fellow SBCV Members, in obedience to the Apostle Paul’s command for all Christians:

I have learned from a long-time SBC Pastor that even Christians that are concerned about Rick Warren’s teachings and programs are afraid to oppose or expose him. So I invite you to read this article why remaining SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN:  Spiritual Formation Movement (Scroll down about half way until you see my name).

And Spiritual Euthanasia:

I also invite you to read my two books on Rick Warren, published by Southwest Radio Church Ministries, now free online at:

Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church?  Here


Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  Ephesians 5:11 (NIV Zondervan’s own Bible Translation).

And here is the video documentary I produced with Richard Bennett, former

Roman Catholic priest exposing Warren entitled:

“Experiencing God through Deceitful Mysticism by Richard Bennett”On YouTube

Finally, in a world of FAKE NEWS, this should not even be named in the Church. So in what could be the greatest irony is that Rick Warren tells “FAKE Christians to find another church.” Source: Christianity Today


Therefore, I exhort you that if Rick Warren is your pastor, or you are a member of a Purpose Driven Church, then it is you that better find another church that does not preach another gospel! “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” And if you are truly a fake Christian why would Rick Warren send you off to another church to poison its members?

So if Rick Warren really has reached 197 nations with his Global Peace Plan, then he and his publisher Zondervan could have currently achieved the dubious honor of having spread more fake news than any Christian author and publisher in modern history. So the question remains, who is really the Fake Christian pastor/author that we should flee? And who is the real Fake Christian Publisher we should reject?

“Fake news” by Zondervan and Warren should be an oxymoron because we champion TRUTH, because Jesus Christ is the Way the TRUTH and the Life, it separates us from all other religions.

Kindest regards in Christ,

James Sundquist Eaglemasterworksproductions.com

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