The Cult of Liberal Theology ExplainedProgression of Liberal Theology

Today we offer the classic sermon “The Cult of Liberal Theology”.  Please listen to the whole teaching.  Sermon was originally aired in 1987.  I can assure you from my studies on cults and witchcraft very early in my studies. The concept of infiltration into institutions of all kinds, educational, industrial, government, and the church is this.  Get inside, gain favor within that group and take positions of influence.  Once they have gained a high office you bring others along and they will soon dominate that structure of whatever kind it is.

Cult of Liberalism – Dr. Walter Martin

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The Cult of Liberal Theology Explained

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I have highlighted some of the points by Dr. Martin.  I found him witty and if the topic wasn’t so serious even comical at times.  As he points out that not one church or denomination that has fallen into liberal theology did not first corrupt it’s Bibliology, not one!  They entrap, control, and dominate our churches, denominations and our learning institutions.  It is all documented and historically factual.  It is a slow fade into oblivion.  Liberal men are now the bastions of higher education as Jude’s tiny block of C4 blows the liberal out of the water by exposing the thoughts and intents of their evil hearts.

These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling [words], having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.

But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;  How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.  Jude 1:19-20

What is Liberal Theology & It’s Progression

Note the progression or actually the death of discernment that can only be detected by spending time in the bible and prayer.  Schools of higher thought leads churches into socialism.  Dr. Martin makes comment on who liberals pave the way for future persecution and martyrdom of people who will not deter from the faith delivered once to the saints toward the end of this teaching.

1.  A corrupt Bibliology:  This a corrupt view of the nature and origin of scripture.  This effects change on your Theology.  The bible is our foundation.  Jesus is the living word and if He confirmed our scriptures as the very words of God.  Who are they to question Gods word with the echo of the Serpent theology, “has God said?’

2.  A corrupt Theology:  Dr. Martin identifies liberals as picking and choosing scriptures THEY feel are relevant.  Mythologizing the passages that don’t speak to them.

3.  A corrupt Christology:  The logical sequence of a little leaven leavens their whole theology to the point they have a different gospel and another Jesus.  One that is not deity, virgin born, raised from the dead.  It’s all up for scholastic gymnastics and faith goes out the window for higher thinking.

4.  A corrupt Pneumatology:  The corruption continues naturally as a dead corpse that has no breath, and the stench fills the church with corrupt ideas of how the Holy Spirit works today.  So the liberals both old and new (Read Emergent) do not have a correct view of the Holy Spirit.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit today that works in the hearts of men to convict men of their sins and lead them to Christ.

5.  A corrupt Morality:  This is the end result  of first denying what the bible clearly teaches (Bibliology).  Second it naturally adversely affects their (Theology) which finds scores of corruption in the foundational doctrines of the denying the Trinity, Deity, Virgin Birth, and many others.  This ultimately leaves the people who sit under these false teachers to believe that they are saved and they are in fact hell bound apostates.  All kinds of sinful life styles are not only condoned, but promoted under the sanctity of there man made theology.  This is the logical result of departing from Gods word and to relegating the bible to a form of religion but denying the Creator who bought them with His own blood.

6.  Why does this happen?  Simple they love the praises of men more than the praises of God.  They are in it to change and make a god after their own evil hearts.  They want to in the worst scenarios have a tax free business while promoting their form of godliness but denying the power there of:  from such turn away.  I mean run!

Read these three witnesses against them that the people of God who died for the truth.

2 Timothy 3 , 2 Peter 2, and Jude 1

We realize this in not popular.  But when their are wolves among the sheep you do not play nice nice with them.  No we need to expose these wolves in sheep’s clothing and save the sheep from them.  Listen to this powerful sermon by Dr. Walter Martin who was himself in a liberal till he came to saving faith in Christ Jesus.  If this has blessed you you can listen and view many more teachings by the late Dr. Martin.  His witty forthright commentary on false teachers, cults and the worst kind of cult is that, that is closest to the truth.  See link below.

This liberal theology extends to the views taken by Emergents, Seeker Friendly,  Purpose Driven, and Your Best Life Now all undermine the gospel found in your bible.  Everyone of these has some good ideas, but we have to look at the fruit.  Is it numbers in our churches or disciples for the Lord Jesus…  Discernment is crucial.  Remember rat poison is 99.99% nutritious.  It is the infinitesimal small amount of spiritual poison that the devil slips in to keep well meaning people from promoting the full counsel of God.  Don’t take our word for it.  Turn off your T.V., radio, ipod, put away your favorite books about Spiritual things and pray as you read your bible.  The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.

Link to Walter Martin’s: Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet

In Christ, Amos 3:7

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