God is From Outside Time

For thus saith the High and Lofty One, that inhabiteth eternity…
Isaiah 57:15

Since God has the technology to create us, He certainly has the means to
get a message to us; but how does He authenticate His message so that
we know that it is really from Him, and not a contrivance or a fraud?

How God Authenticates The Bible

Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things
that are not yet done…Isaiah 46:10

About Prophetic Scriptures

In the Bible there are 8,362 predictive verses; 1,817 predictions on 737
separate matters. J. Barton Payne, Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy The Old Testament (The Tenach)
These Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek by 270 b.c. They contain over 300 prophecies detailing the Coming Messiah.We are now going to examine just eight of them.  For this statistical analysis, I am indebted to Peter Stoner, Science Speaks (which I took as the basis and modified). Can we measure our confidence that Jesus really was who He said He was?  Enjoy the series.

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