Syndey Sweeney rose to stardom by starring in Euphoria – a series laced with all kinds of toxic messages aimed at its teenage viewers. Also, it spends a lot of time depicting high schoolers in extreme sexual situations. Appropriately enough, Sydney Sweeney gets naked in the very first minutes of the series.

Since then, Sweeney has become a massive star, landing roles in movies while being featured in magazine photoshoots. Of course, that also means she must comply with the elite’s symbolic agenda. This photoshoot in WhoWhatWear magazine could not be more obvious. Seriously, it’s all there.

Sydney uses a glass thing to make a very clear one-eye sign. This picture signals that everything else in the shoot is about her being a puppet of the occult elite—literally.

A giant hand controls Sweeney like a puppet. This is one of the many pictures in the photoshoot alluding to Monarch mind control.

Coincidentally enough, here’s the cover of Fritz Springmeier’s seminal book about Monarch Programming.

A hand controls a puppet. The images are so similar that it’s almost as if the cover inspired Sweeney’s photo.

The goal of Monarch Mind Control is to create programmable alter personas. With that being said, let’s look at the next picture in Sydney Sweeney photoshoot.

Sydney Sweeney is flanked by mask-like copies of her face. This is a classic way of representing alter personas in mind control.

Here, Sweeney has an eyeball in her mouth. In the movie Neon Demon (one of the most blatant movies about the satanic mindset in the entertainment industry), actresses who eat an eyeball are symbolically chosen by the elite. This reference is appropriate as Sweeney is currently an elite’ “it girl”. On the brighter side, the top comments on Instagram are all about calling out this crap for what it is.

Selena Gomez recently posted pics of her collaboration with photographer Petra Collins on Instagram. They’re all about mind control.

Selena sits in a bath with a face on her shoulder. It represents an alter persona.

Selena leans on a woman (presumably Petra Collins) who wears a horrifying mask made of mangled hands. Those who program MK slaves are called handlers. HAND-lers. 

Selena looks sad while wearing a wristband that says “RISK.” Also, the taped-on cotton pad implies that she was injected with something. This is all about her being an MK slave.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a British actor who has starred in popular movies such as Kick-Ass, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tenet, and Bullet Train. In a recent photoshoot with Rolling Stones magazine, he did everything he had to do to remain in the entertainment industry’s good graces.

Here, he makes a blatant one-eye sign with a face that says: “I know, this is pathetic.”

Here, he mimics devil horns with a face that says, “I know, I sold my soul to be in Hollywood.”

Here, he wears the obligatory women’s clothing with a face that says: “This is humiliating.” 

Speaking of humiliation, John Cena is a wrestler who made a transition to the entertainment industry for fame and fortune. But there’s a price for it.

The “funny highlight” of the Oscars was when John Cena walked on stage naked. It was hilarious because he was naked. That’s the caliber of comedy at the Oscars, a ceremony that also gave awards to a movie that depicted a child in a woman’s body having sex with lots of old men. Of course, the Cena bit was unfunny and awkward. It was the elite’s way of telling us that Cena is in the “humiliation” stage of his career. His appearing naked in front of his peers was the perfect way of highlighting this fact.

On the poster of his most recent movie, John Cena is dressed like a sexualized schoolgirl. Humiliation and emasculation – that’s what’s on the agenda for Cena.

As usual, the one-eye sign has been all over the place in the past weeks and it was performed by the biggest stars in the industry. The message: They’re doing as they’re told. Here’s a couple of examples.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Beyonce released a country album. And, of course, all of the media coverage was about her race. Because everything needs to be about race and division. In actuality, the elite is desperate to contaminate the country genre with its agendas and symbols and they’re using Beyonce as a trojan horse. To confirm her status as an industry pawn, Beyonce made a blatant one-eye sign in Essence magazine prior to the release of her album.

This is the cover art of Cardi B’s single Like What (Freestyle). It’s just a big, fat one-eye sign. That’s it. That’s all she’s about.

On March 8th, it was International Women’s Day. Guess who Lady Gaga celebrated it with?

A guy in a dress. Yes, she celebrated Women’s Day with Dylan Mulvaney, a guy who is famous for no reason except for singlehandedly destroying the Bud Light brand with a disastrous ad campaign. Lady Gaga is so sold out to the elite’s agenda that she’s willing to insult her fellow women for it.

On March 24, it was Palm Sunday, a holy day in Christianity. This is a mass media headline.

Apparently, the movie Late Night With the Devil generated exactly $666,666 at the box office on Palm Sunday. I’m pretty sure that’s a lie – “they” just wanted this headline to exist for blasphemous reasons. The movie is about a TV show unleashing evil in America’s living rooms. That’s an appropriate way of describing mass media.

On March 31st, it was Easter, the most solemn holiday in Christianity. It is celebrated by tens of millions of Americans from all origins. March 31st was also Transgender Day of Visibility, a fake, made-up day of indoctrination that is celebrated by about 68 weirdos. Guess who Biden’s administration decided to celebrate?

In an incredible twist of irony, Biden (well, the propagandist who handles his social media accounts) wrote that transgender people are “made in the image of God.” Wow. The entire goal of trans people is to turn into the exact opposite of how God made them using drastic surgeries, aggressive hormone treatments, invasive puberty blockers, and numerous other unnatural procedures. 

As stated in previous articles, the elite has been insanely trying to promote cannibalism. Also, as stated in previous articles, a significant number of scientific publications have become tools of propaganda. That said, here are some recent headlines from the “scientific” publication New Scientist.

In a couple of months, New Scientist published THREE full articles promoting cannibalism – even stating that it “solves the food crisis” and that it is “environmentally friendly.” Yup, the same scientific publications that try to convince us that men can get pregnant are also trying to persuade us to EAT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. In other words, these publications are now corrupt, compromised, and only suitable for the garbage.

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