Hello and welcome to the World News Updates, curated with a Biblical Worldview on worldwide events that are definitely trending toward what we see as Bible Prophecy has warned us about.  While many issues are inside and outside the Church, we see three Mega Trends in Bible Prophecy.  Below, the newest set of links and pdf associated with that day’s news stories are in pdf for you to download, read, and share where you see fit. -God Bless you.

  1. The Formation of a ONE-WORLD Government.

  2. The Formation of a ONE-WORLD Monetary System.

  3. The Formation of a ONE-WORLD Religion.

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Please see attached News Update – In the least, please review the headlines below – then praise the Lord you are in His Family!

I would remind you that I don’t always agree with the conclusions of certain authors and organizations, because some are looking at the news from a non-Christian perspective, and some have a Christian perspective but have what I consider a non-Biblical eschatological view of the future.

List of Articles:

  1. US government will ban Americans from air travel effective May 2025 unless they have federalized ‘Real ID’ driver’s license – Leo Hohmann
  2. U.S. Air Force has become a den of debauchery – Leo Hohman
  3. From James Roguski: Amendments to International Health Regulations have been adopted, ‘We the People have suffered a stunning defeat’ – Leo Hohmann
  4. Prominent Pro-Vaccine Doctor Blows Whistle: ‘Biggest Crime in History of Medicine’ – Exposing The Darkness
  5. James Lindsay: “We Stand in Front of the Global Headquarters of One of the Most Evil Organizations Ever To Curse This Planet…” – Exposing The Darkness
  6. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Potential Deadly Risks of Blood Transfusions From COVID Vaccinated Donors – Exposing The Darkness
  7. Coming Soon to a Bank Near You: Australia’s Bankwest Bank Will Close ALL Its Branches by the End of 2024 to Become a Fully Digital Bank – Exposing The Darkness
  8. The Fed is Already Insolvent — Here’s How We Think This Plays Out – Prophecy News Watch
  9. SHOCKING but Not Surprising: COVID Shots During Pregnancy Cause BRAIN DAMAGE in Offspring – Study – Exposing The Darkness
  10. House Farm Bill Aims To Prevent Communist China From Purchasing More US Farmland, Much Of It Near Military Installations And Bases – Now The End Begins
  11. China Weaponizing 90%-Fatal Ebola – Gatestone Institute
  12. Biden admin greenlights Ukrainian strikes deep inside Russia using U.S. weapons: It’s now game on for WWIII – Leo Hohmann
  13. First French troops on the way to Ukraine – MP – RT
  14. Enough Chinese Nationals Illegally Crossed The U.S. Border Since 2021 To Make A Large Army And Are Positioned Strategically Throughout The Country – China Also Owns Large U.S. Businesses, Farmland In 29 States, One of The Largest Meat Suppliers In America – All News Pipeline
  15. Secretive Bilderberg meeting concludes in Madrid with war, war, and more war on the agenda – Leo Hohmann
  16. We Will Not Send One Italian Soldier to Fight’: Matteo Salvini Slams NATO’s War Agenda – RAIR Foundation
  17. Cyberattack could trigger Article 5 – NATO – RT
  18. Maher: If Trump Goes To Jail There Will Be A Racial Civil War – Modernity News
  19. Gallant vows war won’t end until Hamas is destroyed; IDF advances further in Rafah – The Times of Israel
  20. As S. Africa files against Israel at the ICJ, its own genocidal activities remain unaddressed – Activist Post
  21. Hundreds of Lawmakers Worldwide Warn The WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ Would Usher In ‘Tyranny And Oppression’ – Harbinger’s Daily
  22. ‘Queers for Palestine,’ Like ‘Minks for Fur Coats,’ Support Those Who Want to Slaughter Them – Gatestone Institute
  23. Pride Month 2024 Focuses Heavily On The Grooming And Recruiting Of Children Into the 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement – Now The End Begins

June 03, 2024-World News Update pdf

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May 27, 2024-World News Update pdf

Download Searchable pdf’s & Links from The Good Files.

May 21, 2024-World News Update pdf

Download Searchable pdf’s & Links from The Good Files.

May 15th, 2024-World News Update pdf

  • Gaia Worship & Technocracy
  • Absurd Two State Solution
  • Who’s Horrific Pandemic Treaty
  • May 27 Who Power Grab
  • Human Guinea Pigs & Toxic Vials & Much More

May 9th, 2024 - World News Update pdf

  • Are We Destroying the Economy on Purpose?
  • Bird Flu Psyop
  • Hamas Loves Biden
  • Protestors call for Guillotine
  • Toddler Dies from Cardiac Arrest & Much More

May 4th, 2024 - World News Update pdf

  • Apple & Google Visit TSA
  • Canadian Data on Reproduction
  • WEF Banker ‘COVID Helping’
  • UN & ‘Health Misinformation’
  • Russia, NATO & The Button Escalation

The Seduction of Christianity

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