Session 06 of 24  Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written?  In The Land Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis and biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr. Chuck Missler weave together a rich tapestry of information – providing an accurate understanding of Scripture’s relation to itself, to us and to the world at large.

Examine the heroic tales of Exodus, the lasting wisdom of Proverbs or even the enigmatic imagery of Revelation with the simple, scripturally sound insights and fresh perspectives found in “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours.” Whether you want to explore some of the less-discussed nuances of Scripture or you need a comprehensive refresher course on the Bible’s themes and stories, “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is a great guide.

Dr. Missler combines his life-long love of Bible teaching with more than 30 successful years in the business world and distinguished military career to bring you this unique perspective for attaining Biblical knowledge. In just 24 hours you can have a rock-solid foundation for a lifetime of spiritual enrichment.

Enhance your study with the “Learn the Bible Workbook” (to be used in conjunction with the audio/multimedia materials as an aid to study).

Tour of The Bible Session 06 Video:  In The Land Joshua, Judges, Ruth


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The Book of Joshua

Joshua was the eldest son of Nun (he had a special interest in Passover
40 years ago!)

Entering the Land (Chapters 1 – 5): Crossing the Jordan; Circumcision at Gilgal; Manna ceases…; The Night Visitor.
Overcoming the Land (Chapters 6 – 12)
Occupying the Land (Chapters 13 – 24): The victory of faith.

Monument of 12 Stones

These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was
John 1:28

Bethabara = “House of Passage.”

We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these
stones to raise up children unto Abraham.
Matthew 3:9

The Strange Visitor

Commander of the Lord’s Host.
“Take off your shoes…”
Who “fought the battle of Jericho”? [cf. Zech 14:3—Then shall the
LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought
in the day of battle.]

The Conquest of Canaan

The Conquest of Jericho
The Failure at Ai

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