Session 18 of 24  Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written?  Hour Eighteen: The Book of Romans, The Christian Constitution.  The Apostle Paul outlines a comprehensive doctrinal statement.

Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis and biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr. Chuck Missler weaves together a rich tapestry of information – providing an accurate understanding of Scripture’s relation to itself, to us and to the world at large.

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The Book of Romans in 1 Hour Video Outline & Notes

Dr. Missler combines his life-long love of Bible teaching with more than 30 successful years in the business world and a distinguished military career to bring you this unique perspective for attaining Biblical knowledge. In just 24 hours you can have a rock-solid foundation for a lifetime of spiritual enrichment.

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The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Epistle to the Romans is part of Paul’s trilogy on Habakkuk 2:4, “The Just Shall Live by Faith“:

“The Just…” (Who are they?) Romans (Rom 1:17)
“…Shall live” (How?) Galatians (Gal 3:11)
“…By Faith!” Hebrews (Heb 10:39)

In this unique epistle, we encounter the greatest passages in all Scripture concerning the great principles according to which God’s judgment of human action must proceed. God has made known, in advance, how He will decide and act; otherwise, men would “imagine vain things” about the True God, and hug their delusions to their own damnation.

Why was “The Law” Given?

Why was “the Law” given? We would naturally assume that it was to provide a guide for our behavior, to get us to behave better, etc. It comes as a shock to discover that it was given so that sin would increase!4

The Law was given to expose our sin nature5 and to incite the sin nature to sin more;6 and, since the sin nature cannot be reformed, to drive us to despair of self-effort;7 and, thus, to drive us to dependence upon the Holy Spirit alone.8 This leads to the end of the reign of sin nature: Why, “it ain’t gonna ‘reign’ no more!”

The great triumvirate – redemption,9 propitiation,10 and reconciliation,11 – is totally the work of God, accomplished through the death of Jesus Christ. And it is all appropriated to us by faith. Faith is the one thing we can do which has no merit on our part.

This book gives us the most complete diagnosis of sin, salvation and justification. And the three verb tenses of “being saved“:

a) Have been saved: Positionally;12 from the penalty of sin, called justification salvation.

b) Are being saved: Operationally, by the Holy Spirit, moment by moment;13 from the powerof sin, called sanctification.

c) Shall be saved: from the presence of sin.14

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