Author: Josh Toupos

This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

During the 2023 Berlin Fashion Week, the brand Namilia presented its collection titled “In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy”. It was a trashy, blasphemous mess with all kinds of messages that can only be described as degenerate. Here’s how this so-called “rebellious” fashion show is, in fact, perfectly in line with the elite’s sick agenda.

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The Actual Meaning of “The Idol”: Sex Slavery in the Music Industry

The HBO series “The Idol” was reviled by critics for its constant barrage of degrading and unnecessary sex scenes. Also, The Weeknd sported a rattail which was simply uncalled for. However, in a crude and unapologetic matter, “The Idol” actually communicated a clear message: The music industry is replete with sex slaves.

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