Author: Josh Toupos

Federal Court Rules ‘Disinformation’ Can Be a Crime

(by Thomas F. Harrison | CourtHouse News via Free Thought Project) – New Hampshire lawmakers did not run afoul of the Constitution in making it a crime to ridicule people with false statements, the First Circuit held Tuesday, but a concurring judge said it’s time for the Supreme Court to overrule its precedent in this area. “The case could be a vehicle for the Supreme Court to revisit the doctrine of criminal defamation for the first time in more than 50 years,” said Jeffrey Hunt, a First Amendment expert at Parr Brown in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was in 1964 […]

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Spain prosecutes and sentences its first case under online “fake news” law

(by Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net) – A man in Spain has been fined and given a suspended prison sentence for spreading fake news on Twitter. He posted a video of a man assaulting a woman and falsely claimed that the assault took place in a town in the state of Catalonia and that the attacker was a migrant. The assault actually took place in China. The video was recorded in China and published by authorities to help catch the perpetrator in June 2019. The man, identified as JM, is a member of Spain’s Guardia Civil police. He admitted […]

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Oakland Police Want ‘Terminator Style’ Robot With Shotgun

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – The Oakland Police Department is pushing for robots with a potentially lethal shotgun-like attachment, according to The Intercept. Oakland Police and Oakland Police Commission subcommittee, a civilian oversight body, discussed rules surrounding the city’s use of military-grade police equipment in September. According to California state law, local police must be authorized by city leaders before they can deploy military equipment. Most of the meeting on Sept. 21 concentrated on modern policing, with the commissioners and police heads debating the use of tear gas and flash bangs. But two hours into the meeting, the conversation shifted […]

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