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A Visual Guide to the Science Behind Cultured Meat

Please Share This Story!The CEO of Canada-based CULT Food Science says, “We will be the global leader in cell-based foods through investment and tech development.” The only perceived problem is consumer acceptance. Nevertheless, this crowd visualizes a complete takeover of food creation for a sustainable humanity. ⁃ TN EditorWhat is Cultured Meat?To start, cultured meat is defined as a genuine animal meat product that is created by cultivating animal cells in a controlled lab environment—eliminating the need to farm animals for food almost entirely.“Cultured meat has all the same fat, muscles, and tendons as any animal…All this can be done with little or no greenhouse gas emissions, aside from the electricity you need to power the land where the process is done.”– BILL GATESBecause cultured meat is made of the same cell types and structure found in animal tissue, the sensory and nutritional profiles are like-for-like. Let’s dive into how these products are made.Bill Gates is a self-proclaimed expert on everything, but he has a serious screw loose somewhere in his brain. The argument is made about “genuine animal meat product” when the only relation is that some cells from animals are used in the manufacturing phase. This does not make it a “genuine animal meat product”. Secondly “essentially equivalent” argument is made that “cultured meat is made of the same cell types”. This is false and misleading. If cultured “beef” and natural beef are side by side on the same plate, one is fake and the other is real.The FDA is supposed to “approve” every edible product on the market. Whenever the FDA sees the “substantially equivalent” phrase, products get a free pass to your plate.Third, the fake meat industry constantly skirts the genetic modification issue by using the words “natural” and “genuine”. In fact, all bio-science companies consider genetic modification as a staple tool to make “better” products and that necessarily includes the fake meat industry. Their products are not “substantially equivalent” to the real thing.  ⁃ TN EditorThe Science and Technology Behind Cultured MeatThe main challenge facing the cultured meat market is producing products at scale. But thanks to the vast amount of research in the stem cell biology space, the science behind cultured foods is not entirely new.Given that we are in the very early days of applying these learnings to producing food products, those looking to invest in companies contributing to the industry’s growth stand to benefit. Here is an overview of some of the technologies that underpin the industry that you should know:1. Bioprocess DesignThis is the process of using living cells and their components to create new products. According to experts like the Good Food Institute, bioprocess design holds the key to unlocking cultured meat production at scale.Specifically, innovation in bioreactor (where the cells grow) design represents a massive opportunity for companies and investors alike.2. Tissue EngineeringTissue engineering techniques are used to produce cultured meat that resembles real meat textures and flavors. The first step is taking tissue from the animal for the purpose of extracting stem cells and creating cell lines.The extracted stem cell lines are then cultivated in a nutrient rich environment, mimicking in-animal tissue growth and producing muscle fibers inside a bioreactor. The muscle fibers are processed and mixed with additional fats and ingredients to assemble the finished meat product.3. Cell LinesCell lines refer to the different types of cells that can be propagated repeatedly and sometimes indefinitely.Access to cell lines is a major challenge facing the industry today and is an area that requires significantly more research. This is because there is not just one cell type that can be used in cellular agriculture to produce cultured food products.4. Cell Culture MediaCells (or cell cultures) require very specific environmental conditions. Cell culture media is a gel or liquid that contains the nutrients needed to support growth outside of the body.More research in this space is needed to determine optimized formulations and make these products more affordable.5. ScaffoldingScaffolds are 3D cell culture platforms that mimic the structure of complex biological tissues, such as skeletal muscle. This platforms can be created through the use of 3D Bioprinting.Scaffolds are predominantly made up of collagen and gelatin. The problem is these are both animal-derived ingredients which defeats the purpose of cell-based products. Therefore, more sustainable plant-derived options are also being explored.Read full story here…

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Jack Hibbs’ Ministry Defense Statement for Promoting The Chosen Has Poor Premise and Is Obscure

Dallas Jenkins with his three spiritual advisors for the The Chosen (photo is a low-resolution 2-second clip of a YouTube video; used in accordance with the U.S. Fair Use Act;

In December of 2021, Lighthouse Trails posted a YouTube video by an outside source that documented numerous unbiblical aspects of the highly popular series, The Chosen. In January of 2022, Lighthouse Trails released its own documentation in a booklet titled The Chosen Series: 10 Critical Concerns. Prior to and after the release of our booklet, Lighthouse Trails received many phone calls, letters, comments, and e-mails (some from ex-Mormons) expressing concern that Christian leaders like Jack Hibbs, Greg Laurie, and Kirk Cameron were heartily promoting The Chosen. Sometime in April, Lighthouse Trails learned that Jack Hibbs’ ministry was issuing a response regarding their support of the series to those who contacted them with concerns.

Shortly after one of our readers posted the Hibbs response on our blog comments section, we received a comment by another reader, stating that the response coming from Hibbs’ ministry was taken, almost word for word, from a website called We confirmed with that the response given by Hibbs’ ministry did originate with though no mention of the source was given in the Hibbs response. Nevertheless, our primary concern from our standpoint was the content of the response. did accept our offer to receive one of our booklets, and we also had it confirmed with Hibbs’ ministry team that they did receive a copy of our booklet, which we had sent at an earlier date. One of our own writers also did inform Hibbs’ ministry that the response they were issuing was indeed lifted from, but we did not receive a response back from them at that point.

The purpose of this article is to examine the statement given by Jack Hibbs’ ministry (and either inadvertently or advertently, by

Below is the response Hibbs’ ministry has issued regarding The Chosen. (To see the response, click here). Because this response by the Hibbs’ team was sent directly to one of our own writers, it is within copyright law for us to post this (we have posted it exactly as it was sent and have included our own comments in brackets [ ]) and italicized.

Response from Jack Hibbs’ ministry team regarding Hibbs’ promotion of The Chosen (largely lifted from

The Chosen is television show about the life of Christ. Season 1, released in 2019 (with a pilot episode on the birth of Christ released in 2017), garnered attention for several reasons: it is the first TV show of its kind, presenting the life of Christ over multiple seasons (it plans seven seasons total); it was crowd-funded, bringing in more donations (over $11 million).The show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins (son of Left Behind co-author Jerry Jenkins), has a degree” in Biblical Studies. In creating the show, Jenkins put together a panel of “expert consultants” to ensure biblical and historical accuracy in the script he was co-writing for the show. On the panel were a Messianic Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest, and an evangelical professor of biblical studies. This is part of the problem with the series! [LT Note: The response gives no explanation as to what they are referring to that is the problem. We assume they are saying this because of the three consultants’ various religious backgrounds. We will be discussing the three consultants in a second booklet on The Chosen in the future.]Jenkins’ goal in creating the show was to help people know Jesus better and love Scripture more. To reach that goal, he and the other scriptwriters took the gospel accounts and added plausible [*] details about the lives of the biblical figures found there. They added backstories to well-known characters and fleshed out other characters who might receive only a passing mention in Scripture. [LT Note: These “backstories” are pure fabrications and in several cases even slanderous such as: 1) saying that Mary Magdelene backslid into sexual promiscuity after her repentance and conversion; 2) calling John the Baptist “creepy John”; 3) saying that Peter went fishing on the Sabbath to pay off a gambling debt; 4) having Jesus and John the Baptist get into a disagreement about whether John should confront Herod over his adultery; and 5) having Jesus rehearse his sermon on the mount and even get suggestions from others on how to present it.]As with all storytelling based on historical events. some artistic license is evident and when it comes to the word it needs to be spot on 100% In telling the gospel accounts, remember a little levin [sic], leavins [sic] the whole lump as the writers have inserted or modified some characters, storylines, and details of the inspired original. No one is claiming that the show is God’s Word and that too is a problem! The Bible, is the Bible they have stated license is acceptable which is unacceptable especially for believers who know the truth and those who don’t are lured in. [Bold added by LT: The section in bold was added in by Hibbs’ team and was not in the response. While this statement issues a generic caution, the last paragraph of the response basically gives a contradictory pass to The Chosen.]We have great concern that members of the Mormon Church are involved in the production of The Chosen and that resources owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are used to film the show. In fact, the distributer of the show, VidAngel, was founded by two Mormons. Also of concern are some statements made by Dallas Jenkins that seem to embrace Mormons as his brothers and sisters in Christ. [LT Note: That “seem to”? Jenkins absolutely did this publicly.] Are these concerns enough to keep us from viewing The Chosen? We need to really ask; “Is this a Mormon show?” Anything unique to Mormon doctrine, or Catholic, is suspect. [LT Note: This is a very misleading statement. In other words, as long as this isn’t a “Mormon show” per se or as long as it isn’t “unique” to Mormonism or Catholicism, then it’s ok. But as Harry Ironside has pointed out, the mixture of truth and error is perhaps the most dangerous of all.]The show’s evangelical creators still retain full control over the content of the show. [LT Note: This is insinuating that since the “evangelical creators” are in control, we can rest assured. However, given that Dallas Jenkins and at least one of his co-creators are influenced by emergent ideologies, that isn’t reassuring; one of the three writers for The Chosen, Tyler Thompson, is described by Jenkins as a “Cathelical” (part evangelical/part Catholic, Jenkins says); have Christian leaders like Hibbs, Laurie, and Cameron even considered that?] As long as that doesn’t change, and The Chosen keeps producing a faithful retelling of the life of Christ, all is well. [LT Note: A “faithful retelling”? This statement is so ridiculous, it would be funny if it weren’t so indicting. Jenkins himself admits that 95% of the series isn’t even in the Bible. That’s not “retelling”; that’s fabricating!]If elements of Mormon (or Catholic) theology begin creeping into the show itself, then they will have betrayed their viewers and the truth of the gospel. Until that time, watching The Chosen is a matter of conscience. Some Christians will appreciate the retelling of Jesus’ life. Others will balk at the involvement of Mormons, even if Mormon theology is not promoted on the show. “Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind” (Romans 14:5). If it betrays any portion of the true word of God, it should be label as such. Anything else is deceptive. We know the author of deception.Trusting in Him,Your Real Life Ministry Team

There are so many problems and loopholes with the response above that the entire thing should be thrown out, and Hibbs’ ministry should reconsider what they are telling people. Not only is the response obscure, it also concludes with a multi-faceted faulty premise: which is 1) that The Chosen is a “faithful retelling of the life of Christ,” which it is not (as Jenkins even admitted in saying 95% isn’t from the Bible) ; and 2) that it’s OK to watch The Chosen (if our consciences allow it) as long as Mormon or Catholic doctrine doesn’t become predominant (which, by saying, completely negates and ignores other false doctrines and influences that are evident in The Chosen and its creators.

Hibbs’ team ends by saying, “We know the author of deception.” Maybe they do, but they act like they don’t know how he operates.

Some people reading our article here may feel we are being unkind or too picky by challenging Hibbs’ promotion and defense of The Chosen (and that this isn’t a big deal), but we find it quite troubling that a ministry that is respected and trusted by so many Christians is 1) promoting such an unbiblical production in the first place; 2) issuing a weak, misleading, and erroneous response to defend themselves; 3) appearing to be completely disregarding legitimate documentation showing the serious errors of The Chosen; and 4) does not consider that The Chosen’s “Jesus” is a reimagined (thus false) christ (something the Bible warns about frequently) and that the series could be leading people away from the true Gospel and God’s Word. We find it irresponsible for Jack Hibbs and his team to lift a feebly written response from another website without taking the time to investigate this matter properly (even though they have been contacted by numerous followers of theirs who are concerned, which shows a disregard for those who support and trust their ministry).

Sadly, this is just another example of how lackadaisical today’s Christian leaders and many pastors are when it comes to guarding and protecting the saints from spiritual deception in these last days. This is tragically reminiscent of what the prophet Jeremiah said regarding the children of Israel:

My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace. (Jeremiah 50: 6)
We hope that Lighthouse Trails readers who also follow Jack Hibbs’ ministry will call that ministry and beseech them to reconsider their stance on The Chosen. If Hibbs and other Christian pastors and leaders who have supported The Chosen realize they were in error in their initial promotions of the series, a Christian believer can never go wrong by humbling himself and correcting his ways.  

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. (Micah 6:8)

*According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word plausible means “superficially fair, reasonable, or valuable but often specious (i.e., having a “false look of truth or genuineness” and “having deceptive attraction or allure”). This is something we address in our booklet.

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The Pfizer Documents: What Is Pfizer Really Up To?

Please Share This Story!It would be very foolish to dismiss Pfizer as simply incompetent, bumbling or merely corrupt. What is emerging is a picture of a company colluding with others in the total takeover of all genetic material on earth, including yours. ⁃ TN Editor[embedded content]The FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep the vaccine trial results hidden for up to 75 years. Now we know why. There are some quite serious anomalies that are begging for answers.One such example is the fact that the lead author on the seminal vaccine paper in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), one Fernando Polack, MD, just happened to be the only investigator in charge of a site in Argentina that purportedly managed to recruit 4,501 patients in just three weeks!Is this even possible with a full team and the backing of a major contract research organization (CRO)? It’s quite the feat and it needs to be investigated and answers given.Without more transparency some might be left wondering if perhaps there was fraud involved or that perhaps patient records were sloppy because the on-boarding pace was too rapid. Regardless, no such questions should ever be part of the landscape, especially not when it involves a brand new medical intervention platform (mRNA) that was mandated as a condition of continued education and/or employment.Why were these records fought to be effectively sealed? Why wasn’t complete and open transparency a cornerstone of the entire program of mass vaccination in the first place?Such a stunning lack of transparency and the hiding of records…This. Should. Never. Be. The. Case.Otherwise, there’s no possibility of informed consent.One of the key issues made obvious in the document release regarded the dose-ranging studies (or lack of).For clarity, a dose-ranging study is what happens first, before the larger clinical trial to determine vaccine effectiveness. Before you can give something to a bunch of volunteers, you have to establish how much you should give. They do this by giving a range of doses, usually low, medium and high, and then measure the effects. In this case, they were seeking to know how much of an antibody response a given dose would trigger. You’d think that this is vital information to get right. You might imagine they would give a wide ranges of doses to hundreds of people in each dose range.But, when I dug into the new batch of 80,000 clinical trial records, I discovered that the only records (so far) showing the measurement of antibody levels in dose-ranging studies revealed three things:The grand total number of people tested in the 18-55- and 65–85-year-old age brackets was just 12 in each.There apparently was a gap without any testing of the immunogenic response of 55–65-year-old age bracket.There was clear evidence the antibody levels varied enormously (10x) between patients, and for all patients tailed off significantly by one month after the second dose. This means it should have been 100% obvious to all authorities and Pfizer, that the shots weren’t going to last all that long and boosters would be soon needed.Taken all together, this means that Fauci’s continued insistence that the rationale for getting the shots was to “achieve herd immunity so we can get back on with our lives” was completely unscientific and provably and known to be false.I sincerely hope there are hundreds of yet-to-be-revealed records showing lots and lots of additional antibody level testing because otherwise we have to believe hundreds of millions of people of all different sizes, ages, races, and comorbidity levels were given a 30-microgram dose based off of just 12 data points.Again, it’s not surprising that the FDA wanted to keep such shocking findings hidden for 75 years. The data is exceptionally embarrassing from every possible scientific, ethical and public health standpoint.Read full story here…

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Propaganda Revealed: Most Americans Are Now Rejecting Shots

Please Share This Story!While the bums rush was on to stampede everyone into taking the mRNA injections, statistics were released showing that everybody was doing it. One problem: it was a lie. This is a common propaganda technique called “Bandwagon” ⁃ TN EditorThe New York Times provides daily updates from the CDC on the numbers vaccinated. While nothing that comes out of CDC’s mouth is necessarily reliable, I am presenting the official numbers below. But it is certainly possible that the numbers of the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are even higher than presented here. Pay close attention to the numbers.257.6 million (of a total 334 million Americans) got at least one dose of vaccine. That is 77% of the country. If you remove the 0 through 4 year olds, it is 82% of those eligible by age for vaccine. It seems like the vast majority of Americans went along with the vaccine program.But Not for LongA surprising 15% of the initially vaccinated (and 11% of all Americans) never went back for their second shot. That is huge. There is no other vaccine where such a high percentage fails to complete a 2 dose series. So if you add together the 18% who refused any shot and the 11% (of all Americans) who refused to complete the initial series, you are up to 29% vaccine refusers and ex-vaxxers who did not get “fully vaccinated,” using CDC’s terminology.“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that about 257.6 million people had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, including about 219.6 million people who had been fully vaccinated by the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine or the two-dose series made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.”
[Why does CDC use the word “about” when it has a record of every single vaccinated American? — Nass]The C.D.C. also reported that about 100.5 million fully vaccinated people have received an additional vaccine dose or a booster dose, the highest level of protection against the virus. Now let’s look at how many Americans went along with the booster dose. Only 100.5 million Americans took that first booster, or 30% of Americans, according to the NYT.But if you look at the NYT graph of % boosted by county, in many counties less than 15% of the population took booster #1. Why didn’t the NYT use additional colors for counties where over 35% or over 40% were boosted? Are there none? If so, the total boosted in the US may be less than 30%.But let’s go along with CDC and the NYT and use 30% or 100.5 million people as our boosted number.How many people took the first two shots (or one if they got the J and J shot) and refused the booster? 36% of Americans (219.6 M-100.5 M / 334 M people) took the initial series and refused the booster. Add 36% to 18% who refused all, and add 11% who refused the second shot and now you have 65% of the country that said “No more!”Throw in the 5.6% of Americans below age 5 who are not eligible for the vaccine (it is not emergency use authorized for them) and you find that 70% of us are not “up to date” according to the CDC.It looks like Americans are not so dumb after all. Despite two years of continuous propaganda, and unprecedented threats of employment and educational loss if unvaccinated, Americans are saying, “Enough.” They have stopped queueing up at vaccine clinics, many of which are now closed.Why Would They Do That?It seems they have access to the alternate media. They have seen people get injured or die after receiving the shots. They have enough common sense to know it’s not right to get an injection every few months.Information coming from the UK and other places that vaccination did not prevent deaths or hospitalizations, not to mention cases and spread, has gotten out via the bush telegraph. People were able to distinguish the truth from fake news.Information that vaccination with the COVID vaccines seems to impair the ability to mount a broad immune response to COVID could only be suppressed for so long.The original Moderna clinical trial data, which should have been available to regulatory agencies at least since the Moderna package was presented for licensure, reveals that while 93% of unvaccinated controls produced the SARS-CoV-2 anti-nucleocapsid antibody after infection, only 40% of the vaccinated produced this antibody at detectable levels after infection.They failed to mount the expected immune response. It is possible or probable that the more doses of these vaccines you receive, the less broad immunity you will develop, even after getting infected.In any event, Americans have woken out of their slumber. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, only 35% of 5 through 11 year olds have received any COVID vaccine, and only 28% have received both doses. Twenty percent of initially vaccinated 5-11 year olds were never brought back for the second shot. Doesn’t that tell you something?According to CDC, 75% of American children have already had COVID. And it is only very rarely a severe disease for children, despite CDC’s desperate spin. So the idea of mass vaccinating little kids is unspeakably cruel.Now the 65% of us that are awake need to save the preschoolers from these fiendish shots. FDA has set aside several days in June for advisory committee meetings on shots for toddlers and babies, and a booster dose for the 5-11 year olds. We must stop the carnage before the vaccines are authorized for the tiniest Americans.We also need to save the unawakened parents from themselves, in case the vaccines do get authorized. These parents desperately need our guidance. Won’t you help?Read full story here…

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Are Railroads Colluding To Curtail Food Production?

Please Share This Story!Holodomor means “death by hunger” in Ukrainian, and Americans would do well to revisit the details of that horrible Ukraine genocide where up to 7 million rural farmers and peasants died after their means to grow food was intentionally removed from them. ⁃ TN EditorCF Industries, the nation’s largest manufacturer of fertilizers, is warning its customers that fertilizer shipments will be delayed and may not reach farmers in time for the critical spring planting season because of a move by Union Pacific Railroad to limit the volume on private boxcars carried by its rail lines.The railroad company ordered CF Industries and 29 other shippers cut their volume by 20 percent. Union Pacific says the reductions are needed to reduce congestion, but CF Industries said it would ask federal regulators to intervene and end the railroad restrictions.Why Union Pacific would single out the nation’s largest fertilizer producer just as it is trying to get its product to farmers in time for spring planting is suspicious, to say the least.Mike Adams is reporting that rail carriers are also partially halting transportation of livestock feed grain, potentially forcing farmers to slaughter their cows and chickens if they can’t get enough grain to feed them. This would further drive up prices of dairy products such as milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.The railroad-mandated shipping reductions not only means shipping delays for farmers but CF Industries said it would be unable to accept new orders involving Union Pacific rail transportation for the foreseeable future.CF Industries announced its dire predicament April 14 on its website. This disruption in the delivery of fertilizers comes at a time of steadily escalating food prices at grocery stores nationwide due to supply chain disruptions, War between Russia and Ukraine, China hording global grain supplies, weather-related crop failures and other issues, all adding up to a perfect storm for global famine.Unless American farmers produce a bumper crop this fall, the rampant food price inflation will continue to intensify, driving prices up even faster and leading to more shortages on the store shelves heading into late 2022 and 2023.CF Industries ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa. The rail lines serve key agricultural states in America’s heartland, including Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, as well as California.Products that will be affected include nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks.CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America, and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.Tony Will, president and chief executive of CF Industries, summed up the direness of the situation in a press release reproduced below:“The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers. Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.“On Friday, April 8, Union Pacific informed CF Industries without advance notice that it was mandating certain shippers to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately. The Company was told to reduce its shipments by nearly 20 percent.“CF Industries believes it will still be able to fulfill delivery of product already contracted for rail shipment to Union Pacific destinations, albeit with likely delays. However, because Union Pacific has told the company that noncompliance will result in the embargo of its facilities by the railroad, CF Industries may not have available shipping capacity to take new rail orders involving Union Pacific rail lines to meet late season demand for fertilizer.”The application of nitrogen fertilizer is critical to maximizing crop yields. If farmers are unable to secure all the nitrogen fertilizer that they require in the current season because of supply chain disruptions such as rail shipping restrictions, the Company expects yield will be lower. This will likely extend the timeline to replenish global grains stocks. Low global grains stocks continue to support high front month and forward prices for nitrogen-consuming crops, which has contributed to higher food prices.CF Industries intends to engage directly with the federal government to ask that fertilizer shipments be prioritized so that spring planting is not adversely impacted.“CF Industries’ North American manufacturing network continues to produce at a high rate to meet the needs of customers, farmers and consumers,” said Will. “We urge the federal government to take action to remove these Union Pacific rail shipment restrictions to ensure this vital fertilizer will be able to reach U.S. farmers when and where they need it.”Read full story here…

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