Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) on Tuesday revealed that in 2018, Iran attempted to transfer explosives to Judea and Samaria, by sending them via drone through Syria.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference at Reichman University, Gantz said, “Iran attempted to transfer, by means of unmanned drones, explosive materials from Syria to terrorists in Judea and Samaria.”

He also exposed bases in Qeshm and Chabahar in southern Iran which are used for naval attacks by means of UAVs.

Addressing the international community, Gantz presented the various methods of action used by Iran, and its basic ambition to become a global hegemon able to force its radical ideology. He also emphasized the cooperation and crucial pact with the US and other countries in the world.

Israel, Gantz said, is not “a lone nation, and the Iranian threat is not just against her. Iran wishes to become a regional hegemon, and after that a global [hegemon], and impose an extremist ideology, in which human rights are trampled, LGBTs are hanged, women are oppressed, and resources are redirected to the regime.”

“Their methodology is to take over unstable countries like Yemen, which ranks last in the ‘fragile countries’ index, similarly to Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. The method is clear: ‘First we take Damascus, then we take Berlin,'” Gantz emphasized.

Gantz revealed two major bases in the Chabahar region and on the island of Qeshm in southern Iran, used to carry out maritime attacks, and for storing Shahed type UAVs.