‘Don’s wild conspiracy theory stories had seemed innocent and even silly before, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic they suddenly seemed plausible.’ Uh-huh.

Today is Day 1,417 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, and the lies and deception coming at us from our governments, our media, and from people in trusted positions of authority is truly mind boggling and mind numbing at the same time. On our Podcast yesterday, I discussed with Dr. Robert Malone how dangerous this level of deception has become, and it grows worse by the day. Take, for example, this story from the Associated Press about conspiracy theory. Oh, don’t you dare believe your lying eyes, people, that’s the ticket. Keep ’em closed and stay 6ft apart. And wear a mask or two. Or three.

“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Isaiah 59:14 (KJB)

The government told us over and over that the COVID vaccine, not a vaccine, was ‘safe and effective’, and neither one of those two things were true. The Pfizer and Moderna shots did not stop the virus, did not prevent transference, and the vaccinated in 2024 die at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. Now, I will agree that like with anything else, there is good conspiracy theory, meaning it’s true, and bad conspiracy theory meaning it is not true. For example, anything QAnon tells you is likely a lie, almost nothing they warned of actually happened. That’s bad conspiracy theory. But things that NTEB and others warned you about like the dangers of the shot, the plan for the coming digital ID, and the wickedness of the UN Agenda 2030, all of that is true and playing out as we watch. 15-Minute Cities? Check. Cricket flour? Check. Abraham Accords? Check. The Great Reset? Check. Event 201? Check. Taking away our meat? Check. Making us eat bugs? Check. Aliens and UFOs in the skies? Check, check and check again. Watch the video below, and listen as New World Order globalist David Rockefeller thanks the main stream media for conspiring to stay silent as they attended 40 years of One World Government Bilderberg meetings. Oh yeah, man, that’s how it goes. Feel free to ‘fact check’ anything we’ve said, AP, we welcome it.

Days of Darkness: How one woman escaped the conspiracy theory trap that has ensnared millions

FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: At first his stories seemed harmless. Tales about secret organizations plotting to take over the world, about the good guys working to save it, and about the proof that, if you knew where to look, was hiding in plain sight. To Ramona, her boyfriend Don’s tales of conspiracy theories sounded like a movie. A lot of it didn’t make much sense, but Ramona would nod along anyway. Don enjoyed telling his stories and showing off what he’d read online. He always knew the answer.

The pair met while still in high school. They worked at the same fast-food place in Ramona’s hometown in western Tennessee. They started dating a few years later. Don was a big guy, good with engines, somebody who could fix anything. Ramona had always wanted to be a teacher and was enrolled at a nearby college. Sometimes she struggled with anxiety, but with Don she felt safe.

The couple moved in together as COVID-19 swept the globe. To Don, the pandemic and the global response to it were filled with clues pointing to some kind of conspiracy, orchestrated by America’s leaders and the media. Maybe the virus was accidentally leaked from a lab; maybe it was a bioweapon. Don also suspected the lockdowns had a nefarious purpose, and he believed the vaccines were unsafe, perhaps designed to kill.

Conspiracy Theory? You Better Believe It

We interrupt this story on conspiracy theory from the AP to bring you the truth. Enjoy!

Don’s wild stories had seemed innocent and even silly before, but in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic they suddenly seemed plausible. At a scary time, when questions about the virus outnumbered answers, the conspiracy theories filled in some of the blanks.

“I have a lot of fear about what I can’t control,” Ramona, now 23, said of her vulnerable mindset as COVID-19 spread.

Ramona agreed to tell her story to The Associated Press after she detailed her experiences on a forum for recovering conspiracy theorists. The AP is not fully identifying Ramona or her ex-boyfriend to protect her privacy and safety. “The stuff he was telling me, it made me feel like at least we understood. He had an explanation for what was going on. I didn’t realize what I was getting into.”

This alternate reality nourished by these conspiracy theories would transform Ramona’s life, sending her down a dark path of paranoia and loneliness that upended her life and spun her dreams of the future into turmoil. Convinced that a “New World Order” was already underway, she fell into a trap that has ensnared millions of Americans and even, at times, hijacked the nation’s politics.

Isolated from friends and family, distrustful of the explanations offered by officials and the media, Ramona and Don began to prepare. The military might try to put Americans like them in concentration camps run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. They had to be ready to flee.

The couple began stockpiling food and supplies. Don started a “go-bag” containing survival gear. He used their modest savings to buy a rifle, a handgun and ammunition.

One cold day in January 2021, Don read about a power outage in Vatican City on one of his conspiracy theory websites. The couple discussed what it might mean: Perhaps the Pope had been secretly arrested for his role in the conspiracy to control the world. Or maybe the bad guys had knocked out the power so they could smuggle child sex victims in or out of the Vatican.

Either way, the outage meant something big was happening. There are no coincidences. Just clues to be deciphered.

A few hours later, Ramona was in the bedroom when the lights in their Tennessee home flickered and then went out. Don started yelling. Ramona says he sounded almost exhilarated.

“He comes running into the bedroom,” Ramona recalled. “He says, ‘Honey, we gotta go. This is it!’”

They loaded their guns and the dog into the truck and drove into the darkness. READ MORE

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