Monroe’s occult involvement answers a slew of questions surrounding her aggressive assault on the traditional views most American’s held regarding sexual morality. Biographer Anthony Summers of Goddess: Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, writes,“Marilyn had a lifelong interest in the occult, and she often visited astrologers and psychics.” Case in point: Kenny Kingston, a psychic to Hollywood celebrities, wrote of her as:

“…a dear friend and former client of mine, Marilyn Monroe. I became Marilyn’s psychic when she was Mrs. Joe DiMaggio. She consulted me many times through the years and we stayed in touch until just a few days before her passing.”

For the lips of an immoral woman drip honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil;  But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword.  Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell (Sheol the grave).  Lest you ponder her path of life— Her ways are unstable; You do not know them.  Proverbs 5:3-6

Marilyn Monroe & Hollywoods Occult Connections

Excerpts By: Jason Kovar

“My dear. You haven’t yet any idea of the importance of your position in the world. You are the greatest woman of your time, the greatest human being of your time, of any time-you name it. You can’t think of anybody, I mean-no, not even Jesus-except you’re more popular.”

(Close friend and confidant Paula Strasberg’s statement to Marilyn Monroe, who, according to eyewitness Laurence Olivier, “lapped it up.”)

Marilyn Monroe Secret Life and Occult Connections: Hollywoods Siren

Many of her films were designed and used to break down moral barriers. This covers her lovers, her occult connections, observed going into trances to make contact on demonic influences and use of psychics and sex in graveyards. She studied with lover and friend Anton LaVey the founder of the Church of Satan. They had a mutual disdain for Christianity.

Norma Jeane’s unstable and sometimes traumatic youth made her a perfect candidate for Monarch mind control. Being a ward of the state, she had no stable family. “Some children live in foster homes, or with adopted parents, or in orphanages, or with caretakers and guardians. Because these children are at the mercy of the non-related adults, these types of children frequently are sold to become mind-controlled slaves of the intelligence agencies.”– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave Norma Jeane’s background made her a prime target for Beta Programming (also known as Kitten programming). Being an attractive and charismatic woman looking to be part of show business, she also had the perfect profile for it. “Beta is the second Greek letter, and it represents the sexual models and alters that the Programmers are creating. The primitive part of the brain is involved in this type of programming. An early abuse event will be used to anchor this programming.”– Ibid.

Contact with Occult Hollywood

Before becoming famous, Norma Jeane went by the name of Mona and worked as a stripper at a Burlesque house in Los Angeles. There, she came in contact with Anton LaVey, the man who would later found the highly influential Church of Satan. According to Springmeier, LaVey was an MK handler and Monroe became one of his “Kitten” slaves.

“Marilyn Monroe was an orphan, and during her infancy the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before becoming an actress, while she was still a stripper, she spent time with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey. Victims of LaVey have pointed him out as a mind-control programmer.”

– Ibid.

LaVey’s biography also mentions an “affair” with Monroe, which was probably more than that.

“When the carnival season ended, LaVey would earn money by playing organ in Los Angeles area burlesque houses, and he relates that it was during this time period that he had a brief affair with a then-unknown Marilyn Monroe.”

–  Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Anton Szandor LaVey: A Biographical Sketch

The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe -Vigilant Citizen Excerpt
Marily Monroe Occult Sex Exposed

Even though women such as Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Stiles, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones have attained international status as Hollywood sex symbols, none has been able to dethrone the still reigning queen of them all, Marilyn Monroe. A legend of the silver screen, Monroe’s image is un-relentless and continues in Hollywood to this day. Countless magazines, television shows, and motion pictures have capitalized on the staying power of her name. Additionally, there have been more books written about her than any other living superstar-a surplus of more than 700.

Disturbing Alegations of Child Sacrifice Surface

Another less publicized aspect of Monroe’s life is her two failed pregnancies. While most biographies state that she suffered miscarriages, some accounts hint that, in reality, the miscarriages were provoked. Provoking miscarriages is a common practice in MK Ultra and, reading Marilyn’s own words, it appears that her baby was taken away by her handlers. In Pepitone’s book, Marilyn reportedly said about her pregnancy:

“Don’t take my baby. So they took my baby from me… and I never saw it again.”

– Pepitone, Op. Cit.

The book basically states that Marilyn did not suffer a miscarriage. “They” took her baby away.

“After Marilyn had a healthy baby it was taken away from her and she was never allowed to see it. It was very likely sacrificed. Marilyn was too afraid to ask what they were going to do with it.”

– Springmeier, Op. Cit.

Full Details here at VC

Monarch Mind Control and the Making of Sex Kittens

According to mind-control researchers, Marilyn was the first “high profile” presidential model, a situation that required her handlers to exercise extreme control on what she said and did in public.

“They stripped Marilyn of any contact with the outside world to insure that their mind control would work. They were afraid that something might go wrong with the first Presidential slave that was allowed to be highly visible to the public”

– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Sex Kitten Programing Carried on today with Katy Perry, Meghan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Manaj, & Britney Spears.

In late June 1962, Marilyn modeled for a photoshoot with photographer Bert Stern for Vogue magazine. Six weeks later, she was found dead. There is something troubling about those images as they show a sensual yet aging Monroe, drunk and with eyes that somewhat lost their spark. Whether it was intentional or not, this photoshoot is symbolic for several reasons. (See Photoshoot here)

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