From Lucifer to Babylon, how the Nephilim is evidence of the demonic invasion of humanity. Who is Nimrod?  We have divided this video series into 12 Sections.  Below is an index of the sessions with a brief description.   The FUEL Project “Know Your Enemy” by Mark Fairley of the Fuel Project, chronicles the history and some conclusions based on the bible.  This selection of videos addresses how the one world government Scripture foretells is being forged right before our eyes.

The “enemy” is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The “enemy” is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.  We have broken this lengthy series down into bite size pieces with brief descriptions.  Get informed.  Ephesians 5:11

The FUEL Project Index

From Lucifer to Babylon, how the Nephilim is evidence of the demonic invasion of humanity.

The FUEL Project- Section 1 Babylon’s Origins 

The FUEL Project -Section 2 The Rise of Polytheism 

The FUEL Project- Section 3. Battle of The Ages 

The FUEL Project- Section 4 Mystery Babylon Invades Church 

The FUEL Project- Section 5 Babylon & World Religions 

The FUEL Project- Section 6 A War of Words 

The FUEL Project- Section 7 The Enlightenment Era 

The FUEL Project- Section 8 Rise of The Republics 

The FUEL Project- Section 9 Occult Means Hidden 

The FUEL Project- Section 10 Banking: The Rothschild Era 

The FUEL Project- Section 11 The World Today 

The FUEL Project- Section 12 The United Religions 

 The FUEL Project “Know Your Enemy

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