Today, we typically think of Mormon adherents as clean-cut, dedicated, and zealous. The Mormon church’s public relations campaign focuses on the importance of strong, close-knit families. In 1950 there were 1 million Mormons in the U.S. By 1995, they had grown to over 4 million in the US and nearly 9 million worldwide. Based on these statistics, it was estimated, at that time, that they were growing at a rate of 1,500 new members per day.

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By our friends at Freedom Beacon Ministries:

  • The Mormon church is one of the wealthiest religious bodies in the world. Consider these statistics from 1995:It was estimated that the Mormon Church took in $4.7 billion per year.
  • It controlled at least 100 companies or businesses.
  • It had an investment portfolio in excess of $1 billion.
  • It would have ranked 110th in the Fortune 500 list, ranking among companies such as Gillette and Chiquita Brands International
  • It generated another $4 billion per year in sales by its business subsidiaries.<
  • It was one of the nation’s largest private land owners, with holdings in 50 states.
  • It was spending an estimated $550 million per year on missionary efforts (not including money raised by missionaries themselves)
  • It reached over 350 million people per year via media efforts.
  • According to the source of the above statistics, these totals made the Mormon church, in 1995, an $8 billion per year corporation–comparable to Union Carbide & Borden Products.

* Source: “Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons”, by Ron Rhodes

Mormonism & The Occult CONnections of Masonry

Mormon Excuses for the Overwhelming Masonic Influence!

Truly the heart is desperately wicked and who can know it.  Mormons create a documentary to try to explain that the Apostles helped preserve Masonic influence and hence this is why it’s found in Mormonism.  It is and always has been Satans desire to be worshiped and in all of his counterfeits the closer to Christianity the more he relishes the ruse.


Mormon founder, Joseph Smith was born on December 23, 1805, in Sharon, Vermont. At the age of 11, his family moved to upstate NY. A replica of the Smith family farm is situated on the original location in Palmyra, NY, and is visited by many Mormons each year, as they make the pilgrimage to tour their historical sites and to witness the staging of the annual “Hill Cumorah Pagent”.

In 1820, when he was 15 years old, Joseph Smith alleged that God the Father and Jesus Christ had appeared to him. Joseph, who had become disenchanted with the “hypocrisy” he’d seen in some of the Christian denominations, asked them which one he should join. He later recounted that he had been told he should join none of them, for they all were abominations in God’s sight. Smith claimed he came here to pray when God the Father and His Son appeared and instructed him to initiate “the restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth”. The full account can be read in The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Testimony usually available from Mormon missionaries.

This event is referred to as the “First Vision” and the wooded clearing where it is alleged to have taken place is known as the “Sacred Grove”. It is another stop on the tour of historical sites in Palmyra, NY. It stands in the shadow of the Palmyra Temple. Mormons regard this temple as the most sacred place on Earth.

Joseph Smith & The Angel Moroni

Joseph further alleged that on the evening of September 21, 1823, an “angel” named Moroni appeared to him on three separate occasions. On each visit, Moroni told Joseph that he was sent from God to reveal ancient gold plates inscribed with the history of the inhabitants of the Americas (The Nephites & the Lamanites). With the plates, were also said to be two stones (the Urim & Thummim) that were to be used to translate the characters on the plates.

The next day, Joseph found the plates buried in a hillside, but said he was told that they would be given to him only when he became worthy. Joseph allegedly retrieved the golden plates on September 22, 1827. But was he really worthy? It is interesting to note that, on March 20th of the previous year, Smith was found guilty of fraud in Bainbridge, New York. He had been selling his services, claiming that he could find buried treasure through the use of a “seer stone.” (An occult practice!) He was prosecuted when he failed to produce for several of his customers. In fact, by the time he was “martyred” in an Illinois jail, Smith had been subject to approximately thirty criminal actions and at least as many civil suits.

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