Follow up links for Hebrew Lessons in the use of Hebrew grammar.  We believe that the more we can understand the basics of Hebrew that we can improve our Hermeneutic by gaining an understanding of the cultural and grammatical use of the original language of the Old Testament.  Each lesson is linked to the site with audio helps.  We hope you find it useful in your study of the scriptures.

Learn Hebrew Verbs


Lesson 1 Introduction to Hebrew Verbs

Lesson 2 The Subject of the Verb

Lesson 3 Verb Tenses

Lesson 4 The Object of the Verb

Lesson 5 Biblical Application

Learn Hebrew Verbs 


Learn Hebrew Nouns


Lesson 1 Introduction to Hebrew Nouns

Lesson 2: Prefixes

Lesson 3: Plurals

Lesson 4: Pronouns

Lesson 5: Biblical Application

Learn Hebrew Nouns 



Learn Hebrew Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, etc.


Lesson 1: Adjectives  Lesson 2: Interrogatives Lesson 3: Preopositions, Conjunctions and Adverbs

Lesson 4: Biblical Application

Learn Hebrew Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjuctions, etc. 


Learn Hebrew Verb Forms


Lesson 1: Verb Voices

Lesson 2: Verb Mood

Lesson 3: The Participle

Lesson 4: The Imperative

Lesson 5  The Infinitive

Lesson 6: Resources

Learn Hebrew Verb Forms 


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