The book of Romans Ch. 3 with J. Vernon McGee.  I cut my teeth as a babe in Christ with Thru The Bible Radio.


v. 2 The Word of God was given to the Jews, who preserved the Scriptures with diligence and accuracy.

v. 3 Our belief in God doesn’t add to Him, nor does our unbelief detract from Him.

v. 5 Since God has said that all men have sinned, some people say they sin to prove that God spoke the truth. This is evil reasoning.



Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. (Romans 3:20)

Romans Ch. 3 Expositional Bible Study

v. 7 Some people tell untrue stories to sway people’s emotions and bring them to salvation, but this is wrong.

v. 10-18 Every man is guilty before God. There’s not one man who dares to stand before God in his own righteousness.

v. 20 No man can be justified by keeping the law. The law was intended to show us our sin, not to justify us. “Justified” means “Just as if I’d never sinned.”

v. 21-22 There was a righteousness apart from the law that was spoken of in the Old Testament. This righteousness was the justification through faith in God’s grace and mercy. Our salvation is based on God’s faithfulness rather than the variability of our goodness.

v. 23 We all have sinned, some more than others; but all of us have fallen short of the goal God has for us.

v. 24-26 God has a righteous basis for our justification through the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

v. 27 All we have done to gain salvation is to believe in the salvation God provided for us.

v. 31 The law is established because it has done its work of showing us our sin and driving us to the redemption we have in Jesus. –Chuck Smith Notes Ch. 3

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OUTLINE (in brief): From TTB
1. Salutation 1:1-17
2. Sin 1:18 — 3:20
3. Salvation 3:21 — 5:11
4. Sanctification 5:12 — 6:23
5. Struggle 7
6. Spirit-filled living 8:1-27
7. Security 8:28-39
8. Segregation 9 — 11
9. Sacrifice & service 12, 13
10. Separation 14, 15
11. Salutation 16
I. Doctrinal, “Faith,” Chapters 1 — 8
A. Justification of the sinner, Chapters 1:1 — 5:11
1. Introduction, 1:1-17
a. Paul’s personal greeting, 1:1-7
b. Paul’s personal purpose, 1:8-13
c. Paul’s three “I am’s,” 1:14-17
Key verses 16, 17 — the revelation of the righteousness of
2. Revelation of the sin of man, 1:18 — 3:20
This is “Sinnerama.” Universal fact: Man is a sinner.
Ecumenical movement is away from God. Axiom:
World is guilty before God — all need righteousness.
a. Revelation of the wrath of God against sin of man,
1) Natural revelation of God (original version),
vv. 18-20
2) Subnatural response of man (reversion), vv. 21-
3) Unnatural retrogression of man (perversion),
vv. 4-27
4) Supernatural requital of God (inversion), vv. 28-


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