Theogony Greek Creation Myths Pagan originsThe ancient Greek mankind, trying to explain certain metaphysical phenomena and anxieties, invented amazing myths concerning the Cosmogony (the creation of the World) and the Theogony (the birth of the Gods).

Thus, the ancient Greek people created their own splendid, yet human-like world of gods, justifying the various abstract significances like Love, Birth or Death.

The origins of the gods of ancient Greek religion are described in the Theogony, the famous poem which was composed by the Greek writer Hesiod around 700 BC, and the Library of Apollodorus.

With our look at an extensive series on The Greek gods, we must understand from a Biblical worldview of the canonization of The Greek gods.  A collection of ancient stories, myths and yes a man centered view of where did we come from?  Why am I here? We will carefully note the perversions of myths that harken all the way back to Genesis and the Tower of Babel and war in heaven!  The bible is our guide.

We note that the Greeks idolized the human body in life, art and their gods who personified creation, and life’s soulical (fleshly worldly) desires. -Amos37

Meet The Greek gods: Theogony

The creation of the gods needs to be divided into four parts:
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The Coming into Existence of Chaos

First there was Chaos, a rough unordered mass of things, also considered as a void. Chaos was followed by Gaea (Earth) and Eros(Desire), who came to cancel every logical thought or act. Gaea then brought Uranus (the Heaven), the infinite Pontus (the Sea) with his raging waves and high mountains full of forests to the world.

The Castration of Uranus

Uranus’ task was to surround and cover Gaea with his starry coat, however, it very soon came to a union between Uranus and Gaea and they became the first divine couple in the world.

Gaea bore Uranus twelve Titans:
The deep Oceanus, Coeus, Crius,Hyperion, Iapetus, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, the golden-wreathed Phoebe the charming Tethys, and Cronus, who was the youngest of all. Furthermore, she produced three one-eyed creatures called Cyclopes (Brontes, Steropes and heady Arges), as well as three hundred-handed creatures called Hecatonchires.

Uranus god of the skyUranus was fearful of his children overthrowing him, so he pushed his children back one by one into the womb of Gaea. His wife Gaea was in deep grief and sorrow over the loss of her own children, so in the end she decided to hand a sickle to her son Cronus, the youngest of the Titans, in order to castrate his father.

Cronus castrated his father while he was sleeping; the blood from Uranus was collected by Mother Earth Gaea and she produced Erinyes (Furies), Giants and Nymphs. Cronus then threw his father’s genitals into the sea, around which foams developed, that started in the island of Kythera and then slowly made their way to the island of Paphos, in modern Cyprus. In Paphos, the foams transformed into Aphrodite, the Olympian goddess of Love and Beauty.

The Great Escape of Zeus from the Threat of Cronus

Zeus Nephilim MythologySoon afterwards, Cronus rescued his brothers and sisters and shared the World (the Cosmos) with them. Then, Cronus married his sister Rhea and together they created children who would later on become the Olympian gods.

However, Cronus became fearful as well so he started to swallow his own children, just like his father. Rhea was highly discomforted, so, in her attempt to save her youngest child, Zeus, she tricked her husband by giving a huge stone to swallow. Rhea then sent Zeus to the Greek island of Crete in order to protect him.


The Victorious Battle of the Olympian Gods against the Titans (Titanomachy)

Zeus grew up in the island of Crete. He was fed by the goat Amaltheia and the Nymphs took good care of him. Doves brought him ambrosia from far away to eat and an eagle brought him nectar to drink. When he reached manhood, as prophesied, Zeus rescued his five elder brothers and sisters and then started a war against his father and the Titans. This war is also known as also known as the “Titanomachy”.
In this battle, Zeus succeeded in overthrowing Cronus, casting him and the other Titans into the depths of the Underworld. A huge battle with the Giants followed, where the Olympian Gods excelled… and then time had come for the Olympian gods to rule the world!

Commentary by Amos37

Sound like anything we note in the bible?  First a couple of keys to cutting through the lies and influence today of Greek Mythology.  1)  There is nothing new under the sun (Ecc 1:9).  2)  Satan has since the beginning has been causing doubt in the minds of men.  (Gen 3:1-6)  3) Their are only two views really.  The Biblical Worldview (Truth) and Perversion (the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended:), which is an alteration of the truth. Enter Greek Mythology.

From history and the various accounts of the Creation myths and floods the proliferate the ancient world began in first community in the land of Shinar.  (Genesis 10) The epic Enuma Elish, often misnamed the Babylonian Creation story, is extant in seven tablets, the greater part from the Great Library of Assurbanipal in Nineveh.   We can trace the similarities of the perversion of the Creation account, witchcraft, astrology and history of the ancient accounts which God gave in The ancient Mazzaroth (gospel in the stars) .  Murray Adamthwaite notes in an excellent article that traces several ancient Creation accounts at CRI.

Apsu, the freshwater ocean male deity, mates with Ti’amat, the saltwater ocean goddess, yielding offspring which are a host of lesser deities representing various aspects of nature. However, Apsu becomes irritated with their noise and resolves to destroy them, but he fails, and is killed by Ea the god of wisdom (l.68–69). Ea in turn fathers the god Marduk (figure 4). Ti’amat becomes enraged, and gives birth to a host of dragons to fight Marduk; but Marduk, not intimidated by Ti’amat’s threats, gathers the other gods together in a great banquet, and they resolve on war with Ti’amat, with Marduk as their representative. So a great war erupts, from which Marduk emerges victorious by killing Ti’amat. He first splits Ti’amat’s skull open with his mace, and then splits her whole body. The upper half he makes into the sky; the lower half into the earth. From this chaos comes order: the sun, moon, and stars appear, and the calendar is formed.

Figure 2. Enuma Elish Tablet IV

Finally, there is Qingu, Ti’amat’s general. Marduk speaks to Ea of his desire to make man, who will wait on the gods so that the latter can rest. Marduk addresses both the Igigi (sky gods) and the Anunnaki (underworld gods), and the Igigi reply that since Qingu started the war, he should therefore pay the penalty. Marduk slays Qingu, takes his blood and some earth, and makes man. Then the Anunnaki toil to create Babylon, and the Esagila, one of the prime temples in Babylon. Finally, Tablet VII relates the fifty names of Marduk in order to exalt the patron deity of Babylon:

With fifty epithets the great gods

Called his fifty names, making his way supreme.

One might well wonder how in the world anyone could find “parallels” with Genesis in such a crude and bloodthirsty story, unless the wish be father to the thought. Needless to say, the whole theme of conflict among the gods is entirely absent from Genesis 1, and belongs to the essence of polytheism. (CRI)

We would like to conclude today’s installment by stating that today’s pseudo scientific explanations are nearly identical to the Greek mythology of Chaos!  The Big Bang Theory is merely Greek Mythology stripped of it’s polytheism and dressed up with stuffed atheists who pontificate evolutionary propaganda.  Why?  Because they reject the truth of God in Creation.  (Romans 1)

This atheist vacuum has opened the door for a pagan resurgence to fill the spiritual void. Here at Amos37 we think that the rapid formation of New Age Spirituality which NEEDS EVOLUTION to to propagate it’s evil agenda. This will facilitate the rise of  antichrist and the doctrines of demons that proliferate our world today.  This is plainly evident by tracing the history of the UN and those who seek to unite under the banner of ONEness with all it’s false peace plans.

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