The book of Romans Ch.6 with J. Vernon McGee.  I cut my teeth as a babe in Christ with Thru The Bible Radio. Dr. McGee takes us into the heart of faith!  Works vs. Faith.  Today’s world religions & cults are ALL WORKS driven.  What a blessing we have in Christ Jesus!


v. 2 “God forbid” means “perish the thought.” When we’re born again, our spirits are put in control of our bodies and minds. In the spiritual dimension, we fellowship with God and are conscious of Him.

v. 3-4 We buried the old flesh-dominated nature in baptism, and the new creature is free from sin.

v. 6 “Destroyed” is katargeo which means “to put out of business.”

Romans Chapter 6 Expositional Commentary & Notes

This should read in the past tense, “Our old man was crucified.”

v. 11 God didn’t intend for our bodily appetites to rule over us, but, as long as we’re in these bodies, we’ll have a struggle with the flesh. We must daily go before God to reckon our old nature dead and by faith to claim the victory (Galatians 5).

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v. 12-13 We don’t have to sin anymore. We now have the choice to yield to the flesh or to God.

v. 14-17 We’ve been freed from being servants of sin. Now that we’re free from the bondage of sin and are under grace, it doesn’t make sense to sin. Instead, we can yield ourselves to God as His instruments for righteousness.

v. 21 The fruit (or product) of sin is death.

v. 22-23 The fruit of holiness is eternal life. Chuck Smith Outline Notes


Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.  Romans 6:6

Romans Ch. 6 Bible Study

OUTLINE (in brief): From TTB
1. Salutation 1:1-17
2. Sin 1:18 — 3:20
3. Salvation 3:21 — 5:11
4. Sanctification 5:12 — 6:23
5. Struggle 7
6. Spirit-filled living 8:1-27
7. Security 8:28-39
8. Segregation 9 — 11
9. Sacrifice & service 12, 13
10. Separation 14, 15
11. Salutation 16
I. Doctrinal, “Faith,” Chapters 1 — 8
A. Justification of the sinner, Chapters 1:1 — 5:11
1. Introduction, 1:1-17
a. Paul’s personal greeting, 1:1-7
b. Paul’s personal purpose, 1:8-13
c. Paul’s three “I am’s,” 1:14-17
Key verses 16, 17 — the revelation of the righteousness of
2. Revelation of the sin of man, 1:18 — 3:20
This is “Sinnerama.” Universal fact: Man is a sinner.
Ecumenical movement is away from God. Axiom:
World is guilty before God — all need righteousness.
a. Revelation of the wrath of God against sin of man,
1) Natural revelation of God (original version),
vv. 18-20
2) Subnatural response of man (reversion), vv. 21-
3) Unnatural retrogression of man (perversion),
vv. 4-27
4) Supernatural requital of God (inversion), vv. 28-

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