In the Age of Surveillance Capitalism, it was Google invented Surveillance Capitalism in the first place. Those chasing Google to the top include Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. PART TWO OF THE SERIES. EXPLORE HOW TECHTOPIA 1 is coming to fruition behind the scenes. Explore the truth with me in this educational video about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, technology advances, techno demons, Facebook’s plans with VR, High Tech Astral Projection & more!

Techtopia 2 Video

“…means its eyes and ears would be everywhere, every camera, every microphone, every device that’s network accessible. That’s what AI means…”

-Elon Musk

Topics covered:

-Artificial Intelligence Creation (AI)
-The Surveillance State Capabilities
-A Bad Utility Function in AI?
-Sophia AI Robot takes Carlos on a Guided Practice Meditation
-Technology & Evolution
-Transhumanism, Meditation, Spiritual Practices, Yoga, Buddhist, Demonic Spirits… with the aid of Technologies.
-High Tech Astral Projection
-Soft Robotics by Imitating Biological Functions
-Big Tech always running in the Background
-VR Oculus TV, Rooms, Venues
-Deep Fakes and Realtime Rerendering
-VR Production for Behavior Modification
-Web Addicts & Predictive Programming
-5G Wireless and its Health Concerns

Video by Truth Happens