The Luciferian Left Ideas, Ideals in the So-Called “Smart Cities”…

Explore the truth with me in this educational video about Smart Cities, 5G, and The Earth Grid. Just as humans have built roads to travel on, so have the fallen ones. We will see how this time they are using technology in order to travel into our dimension using earth and our minds as a bridge to do so.

This is an informative Christian perspective regarding my research on Ancient Terraforming, smart cities, earth grid, dimensional travel, 5G, and near-future technology. As a Christian, it is very important to remember Jesus Christ is our one and ONLY mediator between us and God. The goal of this video is to provoke thought and awareness about the world around us.

Video by Truth Happens

-Topics covered are the Energies Terra Forming
Sacred Geometry & Dimensional Doorways
-Beliefs of Contacting The Fallen Ones… “Dragon People”
-Raising of The Kundalini Serpent “Serpent Energy
-The Goal of Self Made Gods
-The Coming Smart Technologies
-Connecting Humans to Smart Cities
The Venus Project “New World Civilization”
-Resource-Based Economy
-Ley Lines… Occult Philosophy
RFID – Microchip Implants
-VR in Your Head TEDx CEIBS
-Smart Surveillance aka Tracking Everything
-Smart Dust Computer
Transhumanism & Nano technologies
-Smart Toys “Wifi Barbies”
Human-Centered Design & Evolution
-AI & Singularity and more…

The Bible speaks to a coming Tyrannical Government that seeks to replace God… Knowledge shall increase and the abilities of this NWO to track nearly everybody. The One World Beast System is nearly here. It’s never been easier to Share Jesus #JesusSaves

Video by Truth Happens