If you’ve been following this site, you’re probably aware of the fact that Doja Cat is one of the industry’s current “it girls”. Like the many others who preceded her (and the many others who will follow her), Doja Cat is currently profiting from an artificial, inorganic surge of media attention. This translates to magazine photoshoots, invitations to high-profile events such as the MET Gala, and lucrative contracts with companies such as Victoria’s Secret.

However, like the other “it girls”, Doja Cat’s success comes at a steep price: She must fully comply with the industry’s sick, satanic agenda while allowing herself to be reduced to the state of industry slave. Here are some examples taken from the last few months.

dojabalen The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

This is Doja Cat at the 2023 Balenciaga show. Yes, the same Balenciaga that released a disgusting pedophilic ad campaign. At the show, Doja had shaved and bleached hair which is a classic way of identifying MK slaves. Also, her makeup was purposely made to look as if she had a black eye and a bruised lip – a reference to the abuse of industry slaves.

Her 27th birthday party was a highly symbolic affair that was inspired by Eyes Wide Shut – a movie about elite sex rituals.

cake e1666892280274 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Her birthday cake featured Masonic symbols such as the Square & Compass and the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle.

That party was a gathering of industry slaves (i.e. Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, and many more), all united to celebrate the “it” slave of the moment.

doka4 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Several pictures of Doja half-naked were “leaked” (most likely planned). It was all about submission (read my full article about that party here).

Everything surrounding Doja keeps getting darker and more blatantly satanic.

dojacat The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

On the cover of a previous single, Doja is naked and covered in blood. The inverted triangle over her body looks like a cup filled with blood. The caption says “Let’s begin” with a drop of blood.

doja1 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja Cat arrived at Paris Fashion Week covered in red and attended a show titled Inferno Couture which was inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the Nine Circles of Hell. In other words, this is low-key satanic stuff while also showcasing Doja Cat’s status as an industry slave.

One way of identifying a current industry “it girls” is by the fact that they’re often draped in red. Appropriately enough, Doja’s latest single is titled Paint the Town Red. Even more appropriately enough, the song is all about sacrificing one’s soul to be in the good graces of the industry.

Let’s look at this symbolic video.

Paint the Town Red

As seen above, Doja Cat is slowly but surely introducing her fans to outright satanism. Appropriately enough, in her video Paint the Town Red, she literally takes her viewers to hell. The video is so blatant that even mainstream media have to acknowledge its diabolical nature.

rollngstone The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

A headline from Rolling Stone.

However, even faced with the most blatantly satanic video, mainstream media finds to rationalize the imagery by explaining that she’s being a “rebel” or something. Newsflash: This video is the exact opposite of rebellion. It is about enslavement.

Paint the Town Red begins with Doja naked and drenched in blood (like on the cover seen above).

paint1 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja places her hand over one eye, effectively performing a one-eye sign.

But Doja takes that sign to a whole other level.

paint2 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja rips the eyeball out of her skull and places it on a table. The entire video will revolve around that eyeball.

Right from the start, we’re in full occult elite territory. The scene uses the same imagery as the movie The Neon Demon which is about the dark side of the fashion world.

The removal of the eye triggers a series of diabolic events.

paint3 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja rides a devil-like figure while eyeballs hang in the background.

Meanwhile, the song’s lyrics explain how Doja is willing to sacrifice herself for fame.

Yeah, b*tch, I said what I said
I’d rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don’t care, I paint the town red

The expression “paint the town red” means “to go on a reckless debauch, to be wildly extravagant”. However, in the context of the song, it is also a reference to Doja being constantly draped in red – the color of initiation and sacrifice. The next scene confirms this fact rather clearly.

paint4 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja stands with the Grim Reaper (the personification of death) while she is fully draped in red (the color of sacrifice).

Doja standing with the Grim Reaper is a reference to blood sacrifice. It is also a reference to the metaphoric death of the occult initiate leading to rebirth.

paint5 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

At one point, Doja drenched in blood appears on the Grime Reaper’s scythe while she raps “You can’t take that b*tch nowhere”.

The blood-drenched Doja refers to the blood sacrifice and the death of her old persona.

After flying in the sky with the devil and chilling on Earth with the Grim Reaper, Doja goes further down. Way down.

paint6 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja finds herself in a stylized version of hell as she gets very close to the devil.

The lyrics of the post-chorus confirm that we are not imagining things.

Mm, she the devil
She a bad lil’ b*tch, she a rebel

She put her foot to the pedal
It’ll take a whole lot for me to settle

Other than calling herself “the devil”, she also calls herself a “rebel”, a word that always irks me when it comes to satanic crap. There’s nothing “rebellious” about doing this stuff – it is literally the prevailing dogma. Even worse, it is the only dogma that is currently acceptable in mass media. In other words, she is just following orders and that’s the exact opposite of being “rebellious”.

In the following line, she talks about how she puts her “foot to the pedal” which is a reference to her prioritizing her career and success above anything else. In short, the song constantly links Satanism with success. That’s the entire point of the song.

paint7 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

For some reason, one of the devil’s horns is cut off. At one point, Doja hands the devil the broken horn but drops it before he can grab it.

paint8 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

In another scene, Doja walks around with a cart holding raw meat.

Once again, this is a reference to blood sacrifice and even cannibalism. The occult elite consumes raw blood for its magical potency.

paint9 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

After all of this satanic madness, Doja cuts off the eyeball that’s been hanging around the entire video.

Then, we’re back at the first scene with Doja drenched in blood.

paint10 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

She grabs her eyeball and pops it back in her head.

This entire video was a literal one-eye sign. After she removed her eye (which symbolizes her submission to dark forces), we witness the satanic ritual sacrifice that is required for Doja (and other artists) to be successful.

In Conclusion

One doesn’t need to be an expert in symbolism to understand that Paint the Town Red is satanic. However, even when faced with such blatant symbolism, the media will rationalize it by saying that she’s “poking fun at her haters” and that she’s “trolling”. None of this is happening. All of this was planned – even the backlash against her.

Here’s the harsh truth: To be successful in today’s industry, you do not need to please your fans. You need to please the industry. If you’re a chosen one, the industry will generate the artificial media attention one requires to be famous. We call these people industry plants.

To Doja Cat, all of this is worth it because she’s “putting her foot to the pedal”. However, there’s one thing she overlooked: The ride she’s on has no brake pedals. The only way to stop is by crashing. Ask Britney and the countless other “it girls” that preceded her.