The answer to the question posed in the title is: “That would be unthinkable/” However, when we read Arutz 7 news just this morning, Friday October 15, as we do every day, we were shocked by the news.

The headlines are shocking: “The Arabic neighborhood called Lana (“Ours” in Arabic) will be built and founded north of Beit Hanina; a senior American official reported that they continue the American activity to open a US consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinian Arabs, the American President makes it clear that his solution to the conflict is the idea of two states and he speaks of returning to the agreement with Iran.

We may assume, with some degree of certainty, that under the leadership of current Prime minister Naftali Bennett, these ideas will not come to fruition, but someone is already working and preparing the infrastructure for the day when Bennett’s term ends, and it is no other than Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

Lapid skips among world capitals, meets with diplomats and world leaders for discussions and meetings on policies that are nothing but preliminary preparation for the day when he begins his term as prime minister. Then, within a short time, on the basis of the framework that Lapid is preparing right now, he will be able to make history – in his eyes and in the eyes of the Left.

It seems that despite the promises to establish a government that will promote only civil matters that are not controversial, despite the forgotten slogan that “If it’s not Corona, it’s not interesting,” the Leftist elements in the government have gone out of control.

The Foreign Minister’s travels throughout the world, Meretz ministers’ meetings with the terror funder Abu Mazen, the Defense Minister’s meeting with the same Abu Mazen and the promises he made to him, the overtures toward the Gaza Strip, all of these things tell us that there are political processes happening under the surface.

The Prime Minister must take control of the steering wheel and stop these ministers from advancing this agenda.

In his meeting with Angela Merkel, Naftali Bennett stood strong and declared aloud that “A Palestinian state shall not arise”. Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked also said this in her visit to the Emirates. These statements are important but are not enough. READ MORE

Will Bennett establish a Palestinian state and divide Jerusalem?

Josh Toupos

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