YOGA UNCOILED:From East to West

A look into the practice of Yoga in the Church

Many believe they can practice yoga postures, breathing, and focusing techniques devoid of yoga’s spirituality, not realizing that yoga is an inherent part of Hindu philosophy which teaches man and nature are one with divinity.

Today, yoga is experiencing a worldwide renaissance and in America has more than 70,000 yoga teachers working in 20,000 locations. Although viewed primarily as fitness instructors, these trainers are in reality the leading missionaries of eastern religion in the west.

Acts 16:6. “Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia…

Yoga in the Church? Yoga Uncoiled

Christ Centered Yoga?

The twenty-seven billion dollar a year yoga industry is marketed to students, athletes, businessmen, pregnant women and senior citizens promising solutions for stress reduction, concentration problems, and issues of self confidence.
Can Yoga ever be Christian? What you should know about What Yoga Really is and isn't. A video review. Click To Tweet

Watch video here for introduction.  Christians NEED TO KNOW THIS information.  It will help you to understand much of what is happening in the Church today.  This is how demons gain access into people via these disciplines taught in Yoga.  Yoga is a Hindu Religion

Once viewed by Christians as a pagan import from the East, yoga has now become mainstream in the church through “Christ-centered yoga classes” designed to help improve spirituality and experience “the presence of God”. But is yoga’s mysticism compatible with historic Christianity?

Video-journalist Caryl Matrisciana, who was born and raised in India, returns to her native land to search for truth among India’s leading experts and examines what Christian Yoga practitioners in the West are saying about their Yoga participation.

With critical discernment, this hard-hitting and informative DVD explores the ramifications of dismissing yoga’s core spirituality, and blending Biblical terminology and precepts with eastern meditative techniques and practices.


You can find the video in 4 parts in poor quality to view for free.  This is a very important expose on how Eastern Mysticism has infiltrated America and now the Church.    The Beetles and others are chronicled.

4 part video series here. Radio Free Church : Message Sets  If it has helped support these efforts and pass it on to those who are being sucked into this door way to the occult.

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