Is God Done with Israel? Replacement Theology

What is Replacement Theology? Replacement Theology In A Nutshell is a 30 min. HD video by Dr. Ed Hindson of the King is Coming who will give us a short synopsis of Replacement Theology.  Many who subscribe to Replacement Theology are blind to the overall plan of Gods redemptive plan for Israel and the Church.  God has unique destinies for both Israel and the Church.  With the advent of the Social Gospel and Christian Activism, some well meaning but ignorant of Gods plan have rallied around the enemies of Israel calling for the end of Israel.  Is this biblical?  Is God done with Israel?

Concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:25-36

Is God Done with Israel? Replacement Theology


A new move to support Christian Palestianians is underway.  Christ at the Checkpoint has a troubling list of speakers to lead a new generation of Christians into error about Gods redemptive plan for Israel.  Read Romans 9-11 and the passages given by Dr. Hindson.  This is a very crucial topic.  We need to understand.  God loves the Palestianain Christians and wants them all to come to the knowledge of Christ.  So what is the issue?

Today a  new element has been added to replacement theology. Replacement theology (believing that Christianity, or The Church, has replaced Israel in God’s plan) has taken on a political dimension.

Replacement theology and their theologians have formed a merger with Palestinian Christians who are dead set on promoting an anti-Israel perspective in evangelical churches.  This years list has some very troubling leadership speaking to a new generation of Christians.

Several Christian leaders such as Lynne Hybels, wife of mega church leader, Bill Hybels (Willow Creek Church), Jim Wallis  of Sojourners, Tony Campolo  and others appear on the docket at the 2012 pro Palestinian Christians Christ at the Checkpoint Conference at Bethlehem Bible College in the West Bank.

Check out this video: Lynne Hybels Reflects on the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference  from Christ at the Checkpoint 2011

We have more on this coming… Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, Dr Jim West & pro-Nazi theology | Seismic Shock  is following this development.Brother Andrew and Stephen Sizer at Christ at the Checkpoint 2010: Violent jihad has “every right” to attack the West | Seismic Shock

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  1. Daniel says


    Greetings from France!
    I was reading the post on the subject of Replacement Theology, and watched the video Christ at the checkpoint with Lynne Hybels, but it didn’t seemed to me Lynne Hybels would promote the idea the Church replaced Israel. Sure, she praised the palestinian theologians, and fight for justice, defend those who are abused, and this is found in the Scripture, like defend the orphan, the widow, the foreingner. I just want to thank you for the material you put on the site, because I am a dispensationalist and I believe with all my heart God is going to fulfill all his promisses for Israel.
    But, again, I don’t see Lynne Hybels in the video as you would see her, as one who promote Israel replaced by the Church.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. says

    Thank you for your comment. The small clip does not really show the true colors of Lynne Hybels. Christian Palestinianism, teaches that Jesus was a Palestinianism and that God is done with Israel… It is another Jesus & another gospel rooted in radical Liberation Theology.

    For further study on some of the players.

    God bless, Keith

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