After The Vanishing Ch. 8

Pre-Rapture Political World

Originally written in 2000 by ministry friend Dave White.  A Pre Trib. scenario of the End Times. For Centuries there has been a Ruling class of Elite families enamored with privilege and power and intent on keeping it. These families were the victors in the struggles that developed over the slow disintegration of the Roman Empire. Empirically, the divine “Right of Kings” was the political successor to the doctrine of papal infallibility. Both worked marvelously in maintaining social control.


Chapter 8

The Pre-Rapture Political World

By Dave White

These royal families of Europe were much more than your average mother, father, sister, and brother. They established and controlled banking and trade within their countries and between nations. Franchises and monopolies were given to select members of this ruling class, without which, no one advanced. “Free trade” was encouraged only within the ruling families. In order to maintain power within, they kept their “subjects” in abject poverty, both spiritually (dark ages) and economically.

Beginning around the time of the Protestant  Reformation  (1500) overt political control was becoming more difficult to maintain. The invention of the printing press was a signal development around this time period in the spreading of knowledge, and power (one being synonymous with the other) throughout the kingdoms. A crucial decision was made: strategic retreat. The ruling families supported the reformists against the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. In this race, the Royals picked the winning side. The Roman Church, though extraordinarily powerful,  has never regained the influence it once had. The Royal families, although giving up the absolute political power they once enjoyed, maintained their banking and trade monopolies. This ancient oligarchy, the genesis of which developed over 500 years ago, is with us to this day. Its power and goals have only become more sinister in time.

The Ruling Elite

Today the “power elite exercise near total control over the institutions of modern society, in Europe as well as America. These interconnected, transnational corporations have working control over every major television, newspaper, banking, insurance, defense, the educational and governmental institution on both sides of the Atlantic. They have financed both sides of the “cold war”, and have long controlled the long-term agenda for major governmental decisions. With respect to the affairs of nations, they decide who will rise and who will fall. For instance, they not only control the interest rates on which every American homeowner depends, they collect the interest. For every dollar, the U.S. government borrows interest must be paid to this “multinational” corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank.

If anyone of importance dares speak out (Oliver Stone, JFK?) and challenge this “establishment”, they are ridiculed, maligned, then ignored. There was a very popular book written about this elite, called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, the premise of which was: if you value your career in important circles you will not dare challenge this power elite, and identify it for what it is. No one can challenge this insidious invisible government. The last to really try was John F. Kennedy. He didn’t stand a chance. They decide who will be the presidential nominees from each party, thus, they decide who will be president. Their power is so pervasive they publish journals detailing their plans. A Georgetown University professor, Carroll Quigley, outlined these plans in his 1200 page Tragedy and Hope, published in 1966. In essence, the hope lies in the globalist plans for world domination, the tragedy is the consequences that will befall those who refuse to go along.

“The insider dream of a New World Order has been built on one prevailing theme: power and the world rule of an elite. It was Montagu Norman, a prominent member of the establishment and a director of the Bank of England, who put it this way: “that the hegemony of world finance should reign supreme over everyone, everywhere, as one whole super-national control mechanism.” 9

It is well beyond the scope of this work and unnecessary to try and expose each and every participant in this incredible conspiracy. We won’t even try to document the preceding generalization.

Brief History of a New World Order

But it is certainly necessary to understand the history of what Winston Churchill called the “High Cabal” and the symmetry that exists between their stated plans for a “New World Order” and Bible prophecy that forewarns us about a global dictatorship emanating from a revived “Roman Empire.” The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that this ruling elite is the power behind the prophecied coming dictatorship. Thus, as we begin our post-rapture study of Bible prophecy, you must understand two crucial points:

This above-described power elite completely controls the world’s stage and the dissemination of information through government, banking, and media. Do not be deceived. You will see and hear only the contrived opinions, both left and right, that the establishment media wish you to hear.

This power is the source of opposition to God, from which Anti-Christ will emerge. But remember, the wisdom of this world is utter foolishness to God. These so-called “wise men” are fools, simply dupes for Satan, and as we shall see, their plans will fail.

Immediately after the rapture, the world will be at its most vulnerable. While the world is shaken to its emotional core and devastated economically, the elite will be ready. Finally a chance to seize complete control and implement their plans for world government! In a 1992 meeting before the Bilderburger group, it was Henry Kissinger, the secretary of state for thisNew World Order, who said:

the American people will not accept world government right now, but let them perceive their enemy to be stronger and beyond this world, and they will gladly give up their sovereignty.

America and A Future Shock

What is Mr. Kissenger referring to? Could it be an oblique reference to a planned staging of a massive “UFO” invasion? Could this be the enemy that convinces the American people to join the world government? This pure speculation, but it is a well-known fact that the U.S. central intelligence agency, known in some well-informed circles as the “paramilitary wing” of the New World Order, has spent vast sums in so-called “black ops” projects, using huge 3-dimensional holographic images in the sky. Remember, this is all speculation, yet it is interesting to consider the level of planning taking place regarding America’s future. America has been a major stumbling block for world government. It seems that darn U.S. constitution has been a thorn in the side of more than a few global planners. But in the end, America will succumb. The U.S. Constitution, that blessed gift, the last vestige, and guardian of freedom, will be handed over for a false promise of security.

And so, here is this amazing dichotomy: There exists a vast movement, call it a conspiracy, to wield ultimate power in a world government. This vision of world domination has developed over several hundred years and involves the greatest minds on the face of the planet. As the 20th century gave way to the 21st all the pieces of the vision were in place; government, banking, media. All that remained was an event overwhelming and transforming enough that the world would stop fighting itself and unite against a common enemy.

The global cry against poverty, war, injustice, environmentalism, religious intolerance, capitalism, etc. have not been sufficient.

Could it be that God would provide the event necessary for Satan, through his foolish “wise men”, to seize control, and thus usher in the coming dictatorship? We’ll see.


We have now completed Part One: “The Signs of The Times,” those prophesied events leading up to the rapture of the church or great disappearance. Consider again, all of these as events as “birth pangs”:

The Rebirth of Israel (1948)

The recapture of all Jerusalem (1967)

The development of a world religion

The development of computer technology

Invention of nuclear and biological weapons

21st Century political alliances

The revival of the European Union

Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near;

So you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.

Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.

Matthew 24:32-34

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