Bibliology – The Doctrine of the Bible

Section 2 – Part 3

Evidences for the Inspiration of Scripture

  • What are the _______________ for inspiration?


  • The ___________________ test


  • It’s written by credible people


  • The testimony of reliable witnesses


  • The ___________________ test

The Historicity of the book

The continuity of the Bible

It’s unique revelation

Fulfilled prophecy


  • Messianic prophecies


  • General prophecies

Its proven accuracy


Alleged ________________________ found in the Bible


  • Grapes are mentioned in Egypt



  • The bricks of Pithom



  • The Hittites



  • Sargon king of Assyria



  • The worldwide flood



  • Jericho’s destruction




        • Numerous other Biblical criticisms




8. The Divine origin as confirmed by ___________________



  • The Bible teaches the earth is free floating?




  • The Bible teaches that the earth is round




  • The Bible teaches there are billions of stars




  • The Bible teaches the process of rain, evaporation and condensation




  • The Bible speaks of the necessity of sanitation




  • The Bible teaches the necessity of quarantine




  • The Bible teaches that the life is in the blood




  • The Bible teaches us about oceanography



9. The Divine origin as confirmed by its __________________ impact

The Bible’s Pedigree


The Bible is, we plainly see  Then it must have a pedigree.  It either is a Book divine,  Or men to make it did combine  Suppose the latter, then they must  Either be wicked me or just;  Take either case and you will see A proof of its divinity


If wicked me composed this Book Surely their senses they forsook;  For they the righteous men defend And curse the bad from end to end If righteous, then they change their name,  For they the authorship disclaim, And often say, “Thus saith the Lord”  And testify, “It is His word.” If it be not, they tell a lie And all their righteousness deny.

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