Carry My Cross Daily Cost DiscipleshipSession 15 Genesis 3:20-24.

Today we look at the importance of the Hebrew proper names in genealogy have meaning behind the translation we read.  Vs. 21 we have doctrines of atonement, substitutionary atonement and clothing all here in this verse.  We notice that blood sacrifices are found around the world and have their origins here in Genesis 3 & 4. All of this points to the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Christ the Son of God. We see the scene of Adam and Eve leaving the garden of Eden when they look back we see a picture of the veil of the temple and the mercy seat. This is a wonderful picture prophecy of the work and ministry of Jesus Christ as our High Priest.

Discipleship Study Session 15 Video HD

Bible teacher Joshua Toupos looks at Barabbas in our place. Very important understanding for the Church today.

Notes to follow.

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