Many movies in Hollywood have occult and gnostic themes What are they about and what is the spirit behind this eye-popping video documentary.  Mega Movies like The Matrix Trilogy, Pleasantville, and The Truman Show have an underlying gnostic theme.  Which is only an inversion of the truth.

Hollywood’s War on God is a mind-blowing, eye-popping documentary that reveals how satanic forces are using Hollywood’s most memorable movies and most popular actors to propagate an ancient lie in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Learn how these movies are initiating the masses into a Gnostic worldview that will culminate in a “strong delusion” as the world joins Satan and the final Antichrist in their war on God.

Hollywood Gnostic Agenda

The Gnostics followed a variety of religious movements that stressed gnosis or knowledge, especially of one’s origins. Cosmological dualism was also a feature of the system—opposed spiritual worlds of good and evil. The material world was aligned with the dark world of evil.

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Hollywood’s War on God by GoodFight Ministries

When asked for their favorite scene in The Matrix, the Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the film, said “the pill scene.” This pinnacle point in the film, symbolizing the fall of humanity, portrays the knowledge of sin as a positive experience.

In the same way that Satan came to Eve through a serpent and convinced her God was lying, Morpheus comes to Neo and tells him he is living a lie. “Remember,” Neo says, “All I am offering is the truth.”

As we know, a key doctrine in Gnosticism is that a divine being called Sophia used the serpent in the Garden of Eden to free humanity. By exposing the truth that humans are divine, the serpent becomes the savior of humanity, helping people see that they are living in a prison created by God.

This blasphemy can also be found in The Truman Show. A key character in the film is Sophie, a woman who tries to free Truman by telling him the true nature of his world.

The film Pleasantville is another example of Gnosticism in Hollywood. In this movie, the town of Pleasantville is practically Eden—the people are perfect, and everything is literally black and white. But then, people from the outside world come into this perfect environment and begin to taint things.

The lead character says, “I know you want it to stay pleasant around here, but there are so many things that are so much better—like, silly, or sexy, or dangerous, or grief.” Do we really believe that danger, sex, and grief are better than purity and pleasantness?

Sin is depicted by color in Pleasantville and is synonymous with enlightenment. This backward doctrine counters Jesus’ words that it is the pure in heart who will see God (Matthew 5:8).

Satan always makes sin look good (see 2 Samuel 11, Luke 4:1-13, James 1:15). The symbolism in these movies is subtly changing our views about sin, trying to make us compromise.

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