“The Journey of Awakening is not through a redeemer, but when we realize we are our own redeemer…” -JZ Knight

See in this classic video of the expectation and the consistent message of spirits who teach the antichrist spirit and the doctrine of demons. Demons masquerading as highly evolved beings are called “Ascended Masters“.

How the New Thought and New Age Spirituality started in America and her occult roots and destiny. Video interviews with demon passed people who begin channeling and sharing these One World Messaging, UFO’s, DNA and other things Bible researchers have warned of…

Demons keep communicating the ORIGINAL LIE that we can be our own gods…and a race of Supermen. Just like Hitler’s dream. We are gods is echoed over and over… The lie of the Serpent.

Jim Jones, David Koresh, Kenneth Copeland,

About JZ Knight: JZ Knight is the president of JZK, Inc and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (www.ramtha.com), a unique academy located in the foothills of Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The school was established in the 1980s and hosts over 10,000 students from the United States and 60 foreign countries. JZ Knight is the “channel” through which Ramtha delivers his message. Ramtha is an ascended Master Teacher who learned in his lifetime the unlimited potential of our minds for creating reality and the extraordinary in our lives. Ramtha lived as a human being on Earth 35,000 years ago. In that lifetime he discovered the true nature of the human person, the power of the mind, and the malleable nature of physical reality. Through his study of the nature of reality, he achieved the supreme convergence of spirit and matter and became an ascended master.

Who Are The Ascended Masters?

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Benjamin Creme’s theology is directly founded on the teachings that were published by Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB) and Alice A. Bailey (AAB) as dictated to them from various Ascended Masters.

Alice Bailey NWO Ascended Masters