There is no Islam without Jihad

Below is an article by a Saudi columnist.  It gives great insight to the way many Muslim’s think with regard to Jihad, The West, and Israel.  Islam has a long unforgiving memory. Land that once was conquered by Muslim’s once becomes Islamic FOREVER in their world view.  Read this short article.  Here in the West we are being coddled by “so-called” moderate Muslims and well meaning people to appease the Muslim world view.  

It cannot be appeased EVER.  It only brings them one step closer to subjecting all of the world to Islam.  Muhammad said: “Lying is wrong, except in three things: the lie of a man to his wife to make her content with him; a lie to an enemy, for war is deception; or a lie to settle trouble between people” [Ahmad, 6.459. H]

Make no bones about it if you are not Muslim, then lying is OK to gain the advantage.  We live in a world today “that the end justifies the means” as taught by Saul Alinsky and others who seek to take America down with others who also like wise lie to get what they want.  This is why there will be no true peace until the Prince of Peace comes.

Taqiyya: Lying To Spread Islam

We must understand what they mean when they use words they have a whole different meaning behind the word peace.  Just try to understand that lying in Islam is OK as long as it furthers Islam.  This is a doctrine called ,Taqiyya (تقي), also spelt Taqiya / Tuqya / Taqqiyah, is known as lying for islam. While many claim it is only practiced within Shia Islam, it is also mentioned in many Sunni hadith and by many of their Islamic scholars.  This is how Mohammed came to power by gaining the advantage.  We must learn from a very well documented history.

Despite the overtly cruel, harsh and intolerant Qur’anic views towards the ‘others,’ namely Jews and Christians, there are injunctions in the Qur’an that enable the Islamic community to disguise, play down, and, when necessary, deny both the intensity and validity of these anti-Semitic and anti-Christian teachings of its religious system.[1]

Qur’an 77:38 and Qur’an 9:5 allows the Muslim to use any stratagem. A common Muslim defense is that this applies ‘only in war’ However as has been demonstrated, Muslims are always at war. Considering that non-believers can not be friends with Muslims. Therefore any relations can only be governed by enmity or truce. Also, Considering the Muslims are allowed to break a truce whenever they choose without prior warning (very dishonourable conduct) as per Treaties, I would have to argue that Muslims are constantly at war.

Source:JPConnection Saudi columnist story below.  Now read it with understanding.  They must be exposed as the liars they are.  The word of God says that men love darkness rather that light and that His (God) people love to hear lies.  Wow, how on target is God’s word for us today.  I would argue, very relevant.

Shalom,  Amos37

Anas Zahed, a columnist for the Saudi government daily Al-Madina, criticized Arab and Muslim intellectuals who limit the term jihad to a personal, spiritual struggle and reject its interpretation as waging war against occupation, which he said is its principle meaning.

Following are excerpts:

“Islam without jihad is the product of colonialism and is in no way connected to the Islam of Muhammad. Without question, the greatest jihad is personal jihad, and therein lies the proof that the term jihad in Islam is not limited [solely] to waging war… [But] this does not mean that the term jihad does not include many other aspects, among them those which relate to the individual’s responsibilities to society, and the relations of the [Muslim] society and ummah with societies and countries that declare war on a Muslim state.

“[However,] ever since the American [declaration of] war against what is called terrorism, there has emerged a group of Arab and Muslim authors and academics who try to limit jihad to one dimension, namely to personal jihad.   This is exactly what happened in India during the period of British colonialism, when the Qadian sect, also known as Ahmadiyya, emerged and rejected the principle of fighting the colonialists. [They] abolished the duty of jihad in the sense of waging war, and were content with preaching merely personal jihad.

“What is striking is that these preachings, which were intended to rescind the duty of jihad from Islam, existed then, and still exist now, alongside the most brutal type of imperialism and occupation ever known to the Islamic world, and specifically to the Arab world. This fact sheds doubt on the intent of the philosophers, authors, and members of the media who took it upon themselves to disseminate a ‘friendly’ Islam that obligates its followers to live with occupation, [population] transfer, the resettlement of land, and the expulsion of its inhabitants by force of arms.

“I completely understand that we Muslims must reexamine the term jihad, after the extremist terrorist gangs have attempted to appropriate this noble term. Likewise, I completely understand that we are bound by the conditions and limitations of [declaring] jihad, namely [that jihad can only be declared when] Muslims are being expelled from their land and [are subjected] to religious coercion.

“But I do not at all understand Muslims’ calls for the reexamination of the term jihad from a viewpoint that rejects declaring war on those who occupy their land, kill the innocent, destroy homes, and expel millions. Islam is a religion of justice, and the most basic principle of justice demands that evil be opposed and not surrendered to. It goes without saying that occupation is the severest form of evil. If we add to occupation the resettlement of land and expulsion [of population], we arrive at the greatest degree of evil that can befall man. There is no Islam without jihad.”[1]

[1] Al-Madina (Saudi Arabia), July 24, 2010.

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