Free Study on Book Romans notes pdf audioThe book of Romans Ch. 10 with J. Vernon McGee.  I cut my teeth as a babe in Christ with Thru The Bible Radio. Dr. McGee takes us into the heart of faith!  Works vs. Faith.  Todays world religions & cults are ALL WORKS driven.  What a blessing we have in Christ Jesus!


v. 1-3 Paul wasn’t bitter against the Jews for fighting his attempts to bring Christ to them. He was longing to release them from their futile attempts to become righteous by following the law.

v. 4 Christ brings an end to the law for those who believe.


Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.: Romans 10:1

Romans Ch. 10 Bible Study Israel Present

v. 5 The righteousness of the law is based on man’s doing; the righteousness of faith is based on the work Christ has done.

v. 8-10 We only have to speak and believe the words of faith in Jesus to attain all His righteousness.

v. 11-13 God delights to show mercy and will not turn away any who come to Him. He doesn’t take more pleasure in a Jew coming to salvation than a Gentile.

v. 14-15 This passage contains the reason we send missionaries out.

v. 17 This “word” refers to the spoken word.

v. 18 Psalm 19:4. Nature testifies to God’s existence.  –Chuck Smith Outline Notes


Romans Chapter 10 Commentary & Notes

OUTLINE (in brief): From TTB
1. Salutation 1:1-17
2. Sin 1:18 — 3:20
3. Salvation 3:21 — 5:11
4. Sanctification 5:12 — 6:23
5. Struggle 7
6. Spirit-filled living 8:1-27
7. Security 8:28-39
8. Segregation 9 — 11
9. Sacrifice & service 12, 13
10. Separation 14, 15
11. Salutation 16
I. Doctrinal, “Faith,” Chapters 1 — 8
A. Justification of the sinner, Chapters 1:1 — 5:11
1. Introduction, 1:1-17
a. Paul’s personal greeting, 1:1-7
b. Paul’s personal purpose, 1:8-13
c. Paul’s three “I am’s,” 1:14-17
Key verses 16, 17 — the revelation of the righteousness of
2. Revelation of the sin of man, 1:18 — 3:20
This is “Sinnerama.” Universal fact: Man is a sinner.
Ecumenical movement is away from God. Axiom:
World is guilty before God — all need righteousness.
a. Revelation of the wrath of God against sin of man,
1) Natural revelation of God (original version),
vv. 18-20
2) Subnatural response of man (reversion), vv. 21-
3) Unnatural retrogression of man (perversion),
vv. 4-27
4) Supernatural requital of God (inversion), vv. 28-

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