Free Study on Book Romans notes pdf audioThe book of Romans Ch. 9 with J. Vernon McGee.  I cut my teeth as a babe in Christ with Thru The Bible Radio. Dr. McGee takes us into the heart of faith!  Works vs. Faith.  Todays world religions & cults are ALL WORKS driven.  What a blessing we have in Christ Jesus!


v. 1-3 Paul continually sorrowed that the Jews didn’t accept Jesus as the Messiah.

v. 4 God adopted the children of Israel as His special people. The glory of God’s presence filled the tabernacle and the Temple. God made a covenant with the people that He would be their God and they would be His people. God gave the law and the order for service to Him (Leviticus). God gave numerous promises to Israel, some that are still in effect today.


What shall we say then? That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith.: Romans 9:30

Romans Ch. 9 Bible Study

Romans Chapter 9 Commentary & Notes

v. 5 The great patriarchs belonged to Israel.

This text should read “…Christ came, who is God over all, blessed for ever.” Jesus is God (Titus 2:13)

v. 6-9 Paul here demonstrates that not all of the children of Israel were acknowledged by God as His people.

v. 10-13 God had chosen Jacob, because He knew that Jacob would be a spiritual man and Esau would be a fleshly man.

v. 14 The choices God has made haven’t closed the door to one individual. He loves and accepts all who come to Him.

v. 15-18 Since God is supreme, He can choose and act as He pleases. His ways are beyond our human understanding.

v. 24 God has called us (the Church) out from among the Jews and Gentiles that He might display His mercy through us.

v. 27 Only a remnant of Israel will be saved, so being Jewish doesn’t guarantee salvation.

v. 30 The Gentiles, who didn’t follow the law, gained righteousness through faith.

v. 31-33 Jesus was the stumbling stone. The idea of righteousness by faith was difficult for the Jews to accept after the years they’d spent seeking righteousness by the law. –Chuck Smith Outline Notes


OUTLINE (in brief): From TTB

1. Salutation 1:1-17 II. Dispensational, “Hope,” Chapters 9 — 11
A. God’s past dealings with Israel, Romans 9 Chapter 9
1. Israel defined, Romans 9:1-5
2. Israel identified, Romans 9:6-13
3. Choice of Israel in the sovereign purpose of God, Romans 9:14-24
4. Choice of Gentiles in the scriptural prophecies of God, Romans 9:25-33
B. God’s present purpose with Israel, Chapter 10
1. Present state of Israel — lost, Romans 10:1-4
Reason: Christ is the end of the law for righteousness.
2. Present standing of Israel — same as Gentiles, Romans 10:5-12
“For there is no difference.”
3. Present salvation for both Jew and Gentile — hear and
believe the gospel, Romans 10:13-21
C. God’s future purpose with Israel, Chapter 11
Remnant regathered as a nation and redeemed.
1. Remnant of Israel finding salvation, Romans 11:1-6
2. Remainder of Israel blinded, Romans 11:7-12
3. Reason for setting aside the nation Israel — salvation
of the Gentiles, Romans 11:13-21
4. Restoration of nation Israel — greater blessing, Romans 11:22-32
5. Reason for restoring the nation Israel, Romans 11:33-36
Locked in the riches of the wisdom of God.
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