Part 1: A video series of 3 lectures by Dr. David Noebel.  Notes & Links for Summit Ministries Worldview excellent resources.“A worldview is, first of all, an explanation and interpretation of the world and second, an application of this view to life. In simpler terms, our worldview is a view of the world and a view for the world.”1

“The term worldview refers to any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement, or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God and the world. Specifically, a worldview should contain a particular perspective regarding each of the following ten disciplines: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.”2

For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:1-9

From Summit Ministries

Worldviews in Conflict – Part 1 – Dr. David Noebel

“A world view is a way one views the whole world. And since people have vastly different
views of the world, depending on the perspective from which they view the world, it is
clear that one’s world view makes a world of difference. A world view is a way of viewing
or interpreting all of reality. It is an interpretive framework through which or by which
one makes sense out of the data of life and the world.”3

“So what is a world view? Essentially this: A world view is a set of presuppositions
(assumptions which may be true, partially true or entirely false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously, consistently or inconsistently) about the basic make-up of our world.”4

“A worldview is not the same thing as a formal philosophy; otherwise, it would be only for professional philosophers. Even ordinary people have a set of convictions about how
reality functions and how they should live. Because we are made in God’s image, we all
seek to make sense of life. Some convictions are conscious, while others are unconscious,
but together they form a more or less consistent picture of reality.”5

Listing of Worldviews

Meet Dr. David Noebel

Dr David Noebel Worldview Video SeriesDr. Noebel has retired after 50 years of ministry.  We are very grateful for his fearless ministry.  David A. Noebel, president of Summit Ministries, has been a college professor, college president and candidate for the U.S. Congress.  He is an author, editor, public speaker, and ordained minister.  He is recognized as an expert on worldview analysis and the decline of morality and spirituality in Western Civilization.

Summit Ministries, a Christian leadership training center was founded in 1962 and exists to train the next generation of Christian leaders to understand the times in which they live and know what they ought to do (I Chronicles 12:32).

Noebel has been a guest on numerous national radio and television programs, including The 700 Club, Focus on the Family, Truths that Transform, Point of View, Today’s Issues, the Moody Broadcasting Network, the AFA Network, and The Josh McDowell Program.

7 Major Worldviews Video Series Dr. NoebelNoebel has authored numerous books, including Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth, a landmark guide to understanding the ideas and forces that are shaping our times.  From Biblical Christianity to Secular Humanism to Marxism/Leninism to the New Age movement, Understanding the Times provides Christians with a readable, comprehensive treatment of the most significant religious worldviews operating in Western Civilization.

It is currently used, in either its unabridged or abridged formats, in over one thousand Christian high schools, churches and colleges.  Noebel has also authored or co-authored numerous other books and articles, including Clergy in the Classroom: The Religion of Secular Humanism (with J.F. Baldwin and Kevin Bywater); The Marxist Minstrels; Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles; Rhythm, Riots and Revolution; The Beatles: A Study in Drugs, Sex and Revolution; The Homosexual Revolution; The Legacy of John Lennon; The Slaughter of the Innocent; War, Peace and the Nuclear Freeze: A Balanced Christian View;  AIDS: A Special Report and The Battle for Truth. Noebel’s most recent works: The New York Times Best Seller Mind Siege with Tim LaHaye, and The Battle for Truth.

Noebel was a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin.  He holds a B.A. from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and a M.A. from the University of Tulsa.  David and his wife Alice, live in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  They have two children and five grandchildren.

P.O. Box 207 • Manitou Springs, CO 80829 • (719) 685-9103 • • E-mail: [email protected]

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