The Turning

Lying has always been with us but has now reached epidemic proportions having no limits. I’m shocked when I occasionally hear the truth from those who more often lie. The fact is, liars are accepted more quickly than those who tell the truth because they lie so well.

There are liars in the pulpits of the church, liars in politics, liars in medicine; everywhere you turn you can’t get a straight and honest answer. It becomes more than frustrating as we find ourselves yelling out loud at the TV or radio “you’re lying.”

The question is how can all this be turned around?

As believers, we are to see the way things are in reality and not how we hope them to be one day. The news is coming at us at 100 mph, 24/7, and it is rarely good. It seems every newsletter gets worse with the information to share.

Our constitution in America was based on Judeo-Christian principles. America’s politics were built upon the unique principle of “we the people” where government both represents and serves the people. There is a saying “power to the people,” but now we are finding the power is to the few who want to exploit the masses. So now “the people” means the few—really, the wrong people! To certain leaders in government, the idea is to rule over others forcibly, if necessary, but this is not what was meant by “We the People!” They were elected to serve us, not we to serve them.

Abraham Lincoln said during his own tumultuous times, “The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to over-throw the Constitution, but to over-throw the men who pervert that Constitution” A taste of irony for our day—a long forgotten statement in our history.

Some people’s whole lives revolve around politics; this is not only unhealthy but leaves many disturbed and unhinged. They continue to call the violators of the constitution who loot, burn, and kill as peaceful protestors. People who work for a living are harmed and in some instances terrorized, and there is far less protection for them as the police are diminished and pushed out of the way by the forces of Marxist control through revolution.

The forward movement to control food production, education, healthcare, media, banking, religion, travel, energy, local law enforcement, and most importantly free speech are all on the table.

So many who have common sense do not see the big picture. They continue to argue as if the party in control has a live conscience. Their hope is to make reparations to the damage now underway, doing everything they can as we fast approach a mass reaction to the actions of the new administration. There is no guesswork; there is going to be a reaction, hopefully not an over-reaction.

The Palestinian peace plan is attempting to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth. Their “final solution” is reminiscent of other historical figures who have attempted the extermination of God’s people. Likewise, our communistic left wants to eliminate our freedoms. Not much difference there! We live in perilous times, and it is evident that it’s not going to get better. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled as the nations of the world are jostling in position for the end times.

The enemy is not coming over the borders as much as it is within our borders. Radicals (Marxists, anarchists, communists and socialists) have risen together and want America gone. Make no mistake of their goal. This country and every country is their target. They claim they want justice through revolution. But true justice will come with Jesus at His return, and He will have perfect judgment in His justice, and believe me they won’t like it. They chant “No justice, no peace.” Actually it’s no Jesus, no peace, and history will prove this to be true.

Civil war is not a topic anyone likes to discuss. I have been saying for some time now that we are in a “cold” civil war in America. This has to do with light and darkness; it is spiritual. The social media platforms have escalated it by silencing valuable and important information. We are now entering a new stage that will harden their position.

A decade ago, Curtis Bowers created the documentary, “Agenda: Grinding America Down,” detailing a communist agenda to corrupt American institutions—from education to Hollywood to media—and subvert America and its values from within. The main strategy was to divide and conquer—to turn Americans against each other.

This plan to destroy American freedoms has simmered since communism came to our country but has now escalated with the new Marxist revolutionaries.

Communist promoter Karl Marx said that “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.” Cultural Marxism is far more aggressive than its Marxist roots. That is what we are seeing with the tearing down of statues and implementing strategies to revise history across the nation. Communist Anarchists are using social engineering techniques wherever they can implement the subversion of American thought, especially among the young and ignorant.

Big tech companies are now working to de-platform dissenting voices. Do you wonder why the leaders are not upset that our society is falling apart? There is a plan.

The march of Communism is being achieved to overthrow capitalism, replacing it with technocrats who are using social media to create a system for their society of atheistic elite humanists (which is an oxymoron). When they turn a blind eye to human rights violations, you know who they really are.


While the Biden regime committed itself to revamping our government, Cuba’s people shouted in anti-communist protests la libertad en Cuba.

Both Biden/Pelosi and party are committed to letting those on our southern border enter this country claiming “humanitarian” reasons. But Cubans, who flee a repressive Marxist state, are not welcome?? This is the 2+2 = 5 of Marxism.

The obfuscation gets more obvious when the State Department claims that the Cuban protests were about rising COVID cases and medicine shortages, not against communist oppression. We have let communist anarchists be the voice in our country via the media to provide their version of the truth; they even blamed the USA for Cuba’s revolt saying it was not communistic oppression but the American embargo that incited the revolution. Yet, the American embargo had nothing to do with health and medical needs. The embargo is there to put pressure on violations to the human rights of Cubans and make reforms while agricultural goods and medical supplies have always been permitted.

What’s next? Will they promote taking a boat or a raft from Florida to Cuba to flee America in favor of a communist paradise?

The Hegelian Dialectic

Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic can be very helpful in recognizing the transformation of our government and society that is taking place right now. The Hegelian Dialectic is nothing new but was first formulated by Georg Hegel (1770-1831), a German philosopher and pantheistic occultist who created a new method for attaining “truth” (and that has remained a method of resolving philosophical and political issues ever since). The method is actually simple, but the achievement has proven to be diabolical when applied to world affairs.

The idea is merely this: for every idea (view or opinion), there is a contrary or opposite idea. “Truth” is somewhere between the two; and if we allow their opposing views to collide, so to speak, the resulting reconciliation of the two views they present becomes the new truth evolving from lesser ideas to a higher level of truth. In the philosophical arena, this Hegelian formula is expressed as A (thesis) plus B (anti-thesis) equals C (synthesis).

This method of arriving at “truth” may seem innocent enough as many an argument has been resolved where opposing views have been reconciled by compromise. However, in the political spectrum, we have seen this philosophy work havoc on societies under leaders who incorporated this method. They define, then redefine, the problem and offer the solution, creating the conflict and then bringing about the resolution. This is Hegel’s dialectic in action. Once you understand how this is implemented, you can identify it everywhere it is used.

The young Hegelians initially used the dialectic process to criticize what they considered to be irrational, outmoded, and repressive beliefs and teachings. Their first assault, not surprisingly, was directed against the foundations of Christianity.

Later, the Hegelian formula was applied to the political sphere where class conflicts were spurred on to create revolution for the sake of “social justice.” The goal of this revolution was (and is today) to overturn capitalism and replace it with communism. Marxism further invents the struggle between the social classes, labeling the divisions as the bourgeoise (capitalists) and the proletariat (workers). Names like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin were followed by others whose hope was to fill the world with Marxism or communism. At the same time, these men shared a strong anti-Christian fervor whereby Hegelian philosophy gave them their key weapon in their war against Christianity.

There are two major problems with the Hegelian formula that make it a formula for disaster. First, we live in an imperfect world, and the more godless a governing body becomes, the more we will see that its dialectical decisions will agree with its goals and not the true good of the people. Secondly, the Hegelian formula presupposes that there are no absolute truths and therefore “truth” must be arrived at by argumentation and debate in the philosophical arena and by struggle, conflict, or war in the political realm. Countries being given over to this method of governance can be recognized by the fact that the people are increasingly being ruled by fear while freedoms are being diminished. We see this happening today in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and much of the world.

Since early 2020, this turning of society has grown exponentially with the discovery of the Covid virus serving as a catalyst to force this change. Then critical race theory entered the picture, which is really a derivative of the Hegelian Dialectic, presupposing that a critical look at race will resolve racial issues—in other words, conflict brings resolution. However, we have witnessed that critical race theory (CRT) has only bred more suspicion and the breakdown of society without resolution. Conflict breeds more conflict, as we have seen with the “fruit” of the Black Lives Matter movement (which is fully Marxist). Too few people understand that Marxism does not care about black people but only uses them as pawns to do the dirty work of revolution to create a communistic world (see Manning Johnson’s outstanding discussion of this in his book Color, Communism, and Common Sense).

Over the last two years, we have witnessed a multitude of events as the powers that be are positioning themselves into place, pushing aside obstacles to their causes. Worldwide, the wheels of government are in continual flux; a turning is taking place.

Society Being Dismantled

Major traditions, like morality, are being dismantled. In their place is lawlessness, masquerading as the better
way—a new standard of freedom. Here is an example of the dialectic: It was so peaceful, it was the police that caused the problem when they interfered. Is that what happened? No! But now with everything being ruined in their cities and people fleeing, they have an “aha moment” and want the police back. Duh!

How a society treats the young, the unborn, and the elderly shows where that society is. If there is no protection or care then you know your humanity has diminished. We see this on the streets with attacks on the elderly, and we saw this in care facilities during the height of Covid. Mayor Cumo who finally resigned for a lesser accusation of being inappropriate to women does not compare to the many thousands killed in nursing homes by his purposeful policy. They could not have this be the reason of dismissal when California Gov. Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others did the same policy in nursing homes. The unborn and the old get murdered, and there is barely a sound heard . . .

One can see how quickly a country can be diminished or destroyed as violent crimes of all kinds continue to escalate across the country. Over Independence Day weekend, 400 were shot, 250 people killed (60% of those shot). On the celebration of the day that we became a nation, agreeing all men are created equal. Safety has become a main concern on many of our streets.

To set up on high those that be low; that those which mourn may be exalted to safety. He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.” (Job 5:11-12)

Job knew a thing or two about safety as he was directly attacked with all the violence of the Devil and lost it all. In Psalm 4:8, David writes, “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.” If we want protection in the nation, we need to seek the Lord, not politicians, asking Him for continued protection, for the battle is the Lord’s.

It’s been said, as the church goes, so goes the nation. The state of the nation has caught up with the state of the church. Spiritual violence has been taught for a long time by false teachers. What did Jesus say about us being salt, which was the only preservative at the time “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” (Matthew 5:13) With so many false teachers steering the church, we too have arrived at a new synthesis. Christianity without the Holy Word taught accurately (or even taught at all) gives us the synthesis of “new revelation.”

Riots and Protests

America’s churches have been continually ripped apart by false teachers, and now America is openly being ripped apart by false history to produce further political division.

Over thirty school districts across fifteen different states are teaching the radical ‘anti-whiteness’ book according to investigator Chris Rufo. Dozens of schools have been caught exposing students to the book, Not My Idea, that says “whiteness” is a “contract with the devil.”

All this is straight out of the teaching of Louis Farrakhan’s Black Muslim sect. It is being used to divide a country that will be led to a more dangerous condition than what brought the Civil War. All this is coming from our higher learning institutions like Harvard, and the elementary teachers (NEA) are insisting these that types of books and ideas be used in their curriculum.

Since we now learn 2+2 = 5, we can understand the (non) logic of the left. Their media troops say Jan 6th was worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Holocaust, though no guns were used by the protestors. Hmmm. They never let facts get in the way of arriving at their shallow conclusions.

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What really did happen on Jan. 6th is no longer a mystery. The host of “The Truth is Viral” podcast was invited on OAN and discussed his viral video that exposed two likely FBI informants who were filmed breaking windows, attacking the building, and even pushing people inside the US Capitol.

There are numerous stories of people explaining how the FBI (and others) tried to recruit them to be among the people and cause the commotion. Were there unaware and naïve people who got caught up in the moment? There certainly were. Yet, it is reported that the DC Mayor Bowser and Nancy Pelosi turned down protection from the National Guard on Jan. 6th and that the FBI did not tell the Trump Administration “There could be a situation.”

Some conclude this is why so many were allowed by the police to come into the capitol—that it was a set up. Not really a surprise, if we consider everything else that was done throughout Trump’s term to destroy his viability. To this day, the FBI overlooks these people and has incarcerated others. 562 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection including over 12% who are military and law enforcement. As yet, no one has been convicted of a crime. None of the Jan. 6 protesters have been charged with treason or sedition, which is constantly being thrown around in the media.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) office is pushing back on the accusation of hypocrisy by asserting he won’t use his anti-riot law on “peaceful demonstrations” in the state. The near 300 riots from Antifa and BLM participants were essentially allowed in the cities and called peaceful protests! It reminds me of what they began to say about Islam after 911—that
Islam is a peaceful religion; it means peace. They denied there were Muslim terrorists when it became apparent that there were terrorists that were in fact Islamic.

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We are destroying our own people and cities by listening and obeying those who do not obey the laws and want to see it all burn!

It’s All Critical

Marxist Critical Theory is now critical race theory in America. CRT is not limited to college classes; in fact, they want it to begin with children in kindergarten.

Again, all this is coming from our higher learning institutions, and the elementary teachers are insisting these books and ideas be used in their curriculum for young children. According to the Bible, if Jesus died for all humanity, then all lives matter. People can choose to reject this truth, but as Christians we must believe this or we do not understand God’s love toward humanity, and we are not believing or practicing what Scripture says. Yet, so many schools and churches are adopting critical race theory which contradicts Scripture and is filled with inaccuracies that are intentional lies of history and our present condition.

A father stood before a public school board refuting the error of critical race theory, explaining that it actually influences students of different races to “hate each other.” The repercussions are any mixed marriages would now be unacceptable, friendships would dissolve, and they call this progress! And all the while, the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal” with “unalienable rights.”

Other influences are severing the country from its constitution; the same is happening in the church being severed from the Word. There are those who are loyal to an ideology. When one lacks belief in God, he trusts government; thus government becomes his god. Leftism has become a competing force against biblical Christianity. Churches have abandoned the Bible on topics such as homosexuality and changing the gender identity we were born with. It was the Liberal churches that were among the first to embrace the postmodern thinking, forge religious partnerships, and bring unification with other religions. They diminish sin and doctrine in favor of their new ideas; therefore sin cannot be identified, and neither can evil.

We are now aware of the corruption that is pervasive everywhere. You can expect much more aggressive action as the current resistance to tyranny is low, as people are kept in the dark of what is actually taking place. The opposition to this is potentially to be censored. Except for a few, most are not touching the real underlying issues and what is to be the outcome. There are over 30 Soros-backed DAs in major cities in the United States. LA County District Attorney George Gascon ended cash bail and is no longer prosecuting the crimes of trespassing, resisting arrest, prostitution, or driving without a license. He has received over $2 million from Soros; there are many just like this all over the country. Like DA Mike Schmidt of Portland, who received $$ from Soros and declined to prosecute rioters who burned the city for months, besieging a federal building. The Black Lives Matter movement received millions of dollars in grants from Soros’ Open Society Foundation and grant-making from the Center for American Progress.

So we should understand that this revolution is being well funded by the super rich elites. It is not a bottom up grassroots revolt. All this is done in our faces, and they get away with it. Are we really understanding what is happening, are we ready for what is next? Gas Prices have risen forty percent in certain areas; more increases are expected throughout Summer. Grocery prices along with so many other items are rising as inflation is gaining strength (nearing eight percent). A potential supply chain interference can be expected when the price of energy skyrockets along with other factors affecting food distribution.

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All is Politicized, Even Religion

For the most part, true critical thinking in the schools and universities has vanished, it is rarely taught. Only what they hear from the professors is considered truth (this is called indoctrination, not education). They agitate instead of educate. Many classes incorporate the teacher’s personal political views of the left.

Marx was the prophet of Marxism, a social religion. Nazism had its following under Hitler and explicitly called him a redeemer of the German nation. When politics are combined with religious fervor, it becomes the most dangerous. This is what totalitarian dictators operate by, stirring and agitating their listeners with their lips while bearing the whip of fear over “dissenters.”

There are two influences in the world, and they are clashing. One is truth, the other is falsehood; one is moral, the other is immoral. Is the information we receive being reshaped by the power of technological socialism? If you don’t think this can take place, it already has begun! Two coups are taking place simultaneously in America from the deep left: one in politics; the other in the church—to change its ways to the new apostolic reform with current prophets disseminating a continual flow of “new revelation.”

Over ten years ago, I saw this totalitarianism developing, and on “The Parable of Judges 9” DVD, I warned of dictators (totalitarians) coming; we are entering a time of dictators. As nations’ leaders exert their muscles, it will lead to the last dictator that Scripture has written about.

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Covid Dilemma

The world is becoming increasingly unstable because of its restrictions. There are protests over vaccinations and tracking in the UK and France. Israel claims the Pfizer Covid vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant though it keeps people from being seriously ill. But the greatest difficulty is in getting (or even allowing) accurate honest reporting.

The teachers unions are hysterical and do not have the facts on their side on wanting children to be vaccinated and wear masks. Masks worn for long periods of time become a petri dish; we breathe in our own toxins, which can be devastating for our young children.

How did we get here, apart from Fauci being Americas no.1 medical informer and current scaremonger of a virus that is actually diminishing in its spread and effect. It was the WHO that painted the massive scare scenario in March, 2020 together with Dr. Neil Ferguson’s Imperial Report. Claims of record high coronavirus cases a week — a pace not seen since March. Yet when I go to Worldmeter, there is nothing reported like these numbers.

CDC stats: Have smoking & Covid killed the same number of people in 2020? More than 480,000 deaths annually (including 41,000 deaths from secondhand smoke each year). That’s near Covid 19 statistics, but no one has insisted on restrictions for smoking like they do Covid.

As for the church, considering all the people with the so-called gift of healing, have you found anyone miraculously healed from Covid19? Did it make the news? No, not one that I can recall, and Covid19 certainly did not die in March like Mr. Copeland and others pronounced it. Nor did Rodney Browne have machines to diminish it. Therefore, they are All false prophets. And yet people still listen to them! This is why the church has such an insipid reputation. A church with no discernment on what is truth is not “The Church” Jesus is head over.

Nearly thirty years ago, I took a police course on “cult mentality and occult offenses.” I learned there are all kinds of cults in America—the three main ones are religious, social, and political cults. All these can bring people lies and deception in different ways. But we can add another category to the three—a fourth, big tech, which is now the top tier as they do the government’s work. Today politics are one sided, empowered by Marxism, the worst kind of ideology for a free nation to face, which is having us collapse as a country.

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Today, more than ever, we need to recognize that we are in a battle, but it is not merely a physical one but moreso a spiritual battle. As Paul put it, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). In addition to this, let us remember that Jesus commissioned us to be lights to the world. He instructed us to be as a city on a hill and a candle on a candlestick (Matthew 5:14-16). Furthermore, as I have endeavored to share here, we are at a turning point in our history, and, more than ever, we need to turn our futures over to the Lord, to guide us with His Spirit and the ministry of His Word. Hold fast to the Gospel!

A Special Note From Let Us Reason Ministries

From the beginning, this ministry [Let us Reason] has faced opposition. We were threatened to be brought to the Hague because of our teachings on cults. Others complained about our name not being biblical, ironically not knowing it was taken from the Bible. Others tried to pit us against other ministries. We have been told not to name names and been called nearly every disgusting name possible (from professed Christians). We have been accused of false witness on the people we write on, claiming they never said any of this even though we have documentation next to the quotes from video, audio, and their websites. Some people don’t mind being deceived.

As far as I know, few, if any Jewish believers are involved in apologetics. That makes us unique. It also brings greater warfare. And we have been on the receiving end even from churches I attended as a member.

We want to thank the people and the few churches who have continued in support and who pray for us. It’s unfortunate that I have been rejected by the churches I was saved in, such as the Calvary Chapel one here in Hawaii.

It’s obvious there is a real problem taking place, and it has to do with facing reality, not reimagining it to what you want it to be but what it really is. The time of complacency is over. Time to be serious and put our faith into action. Let’s do what we can while there is still time.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. (2 Corinthians 13:14)

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