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Bibliology – The Doctrine of the Bible

Section 1 – Part 2

The Doctrine of Scripture

The Revelation of Scripture


  • ___________________ revelation


  • ___________________


ii. ___________________


iii. ___________________


  • ___________________ revelation


  • ___________________


ii.  ___________________


  • Words used to describe God’s word


    • Bible


    • Scriptures


    • The Word of God


    • The Oracles of God


    • Testament


    • The Law


    • The Law and the prophets


    • Other terms used of the Old Testament


1. “Law” – occurs twenty-five times. In the broad sense it refers to any “instruction” flowing from the revelation of God as the basis for life and action. In the narrow sense it denotes the Law of Moses, whether the Pentateuch, the priestly law, or the Deuteronomic law.

2. “Word” – is any word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. It is a general designation for divine revelation.

3. “Laws” – pertain to particular legal issues (“case laws”) that form the basis for Israel’s legal system. God himself is the Great Judge.

4. “Statute(s)” – derives from the word that means “witness,” “testify”; “testimony” is often synonymous with “covenant”. The observance of the “statutes” of the Lord signifies loyalty to the terms of the covenant between God and Israel.

5. “Command(s)” – is a frequent designation for anything that the Lord, the covenant God, has ordered.

6. “Decrees” – is derived from the root for “engrave,” “inscribe.” God reveals his royal sovereignty by establishing his divine will in nature and in the covenant community.

7. “Precepts” – occurs only in the book of Psalms and appears to be synonymous with “covenant” (103:18) and with the revelation of God (111:7). Its root connotes the authority to determine the relationship between the speaker and the object.

8. “Word” or “promise” – may denote anything God has spoken, commanded, or promised.


    • Metaphorical terms used to describe the Bible


        • Bread (Deut. 8:3)
        • Honey (Psalm 19:10; 119:103)
        • Gold (Pro 25:12)
        • Light (Psalm 119:105)
        • Fire (Jer 23:29)
        • Hammer (Jer 23:29)
        • Seed (Luke 8)
        • Water (Ephesians 5:26)
        • Sword (Ephesians 6)
        • Milk – simple truths (Hebrews 5)
        • Milk – sustaining truth (1 Peter 2:1-2)


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