International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has still not had access to re-install surveillance cameras at the TESA Karaj centrifuge-parts workshop in Iran, though that is essential to reviving the Iran nuclear deal, the agency said in a report on Wednesday.

IAEA inspectors have also continued to be “subjected to excessively invasive physical searches by security officials at nuclear facilities in Iran,” a second quarterly report issued on Wednesday said, after diplomats said such incidents had happened at the Natanz nuclear site.
The UN nuclear watchdog is unable to tell whether Iran’s centrifuge-parts workshop at the TESA Karaj complex is operational, a senior diplomat said on Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that production resumed months ago at the workshop, which was hit by apparent sabotage in June.
One of four International Atomic Energy Agency cameras there was destroyed in the attack and Iran subsequently removed the rest. Iran has blamed Israel for the sabotage.