The teaching classic demonstrates the precision of what Bible Teachers have been looking for. Recent Geo-Political Events on proving the Bible and things Jesus Christ told His followers to look for. Establishing the Bible as the ONLY TRUSTWORTHY thing.

Megiddo: The March to Armageddon explores Bible Prophecy concerning the last day Kingdom of Antichrist, tracking the history of the New World Order from the pages of Scripture through the global revolution that is sweeping the world.

This informative documentary exposes the conspiracy of kings and rulers whose enmity against God is a driving force behind the march to Armageddon.

Megiddo 1 March to Armageddon Video Documentary.

Bible Prophecy about The Last Days That are Happening NOW.

7. – There would be a global cry for peace (1 Thessalonians 5:3). Never has there been such a concerted, global effort to bring about peace at any cost as there is today.

8. – The Antichrist would use (false) peace to destroy many (Daniel 8:23-25). With all the problems facing mankind, multitudes are looking for a savior to usher in peace and prosperity without moral accountability. The Antichrist will promise the world and Israel such a peace if they follow him but his intentions will be sinister.

9. – In the last days Israel would have a peace treaty in place that the Antichrist will confirm and eventually break (Daniel 9:27). Currently the world’s governments are striving for an Israeli peace treaty.

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10. – Damascus would be destroyed (Isaiah 17:114Jeremiah 49:23-27Amos 1:3-5Zechariah 9:1-8). Damascus, Syria is increasingly in the news and is extremely anti-Semitic. Many terrorist organizations have their bases in Damascus. God declares that they will become a ruinous heap because they have violently taken what was not theirs. In 2007 Israel vowed to wipe Syria off the map if Syria attacked by chemical weapons.

11. – Chaotic weather would be prevalent (Luke 21:25-26). Jesus foresaw the seas and the waves roaring in the last days. He also likened these signs to birth pangs (Matthew 24:8). The Greek word odin, often translated as sorrows in Matthew 24:8, literally means birth pangs. Furthermore, the apostle Paul reminded us that the creation itself will be delivered from the curse at the end of the age (Romans 8:21). And that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs (Romans 8:22). As delivery draws near, birth pangs always increase in both intensity and frequency. Therefore, the creation itself would travail as the time of delivery draws near. Of course chaotic weather is not new, but there are indications that we are witnessing an increase in strange weather.

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12. – There would be a move toward a global government (Daniel 2:40-447:23Revelation 13:7-8). The former Roman Empire which encompassed present-day Europe would revive and eventually dominate the world. The European Union has steadily moved forward in its attempt to unite Europe politically and economically. It has succeeded in creating a European parliament, a court, and a common currency. And globalization is not unique to Europe, it is happening everywhere.

13. – Literal Babylon (formerly called Babel, Genesis 10:10) would reemerge in the land of Shinar known today as Iraq (Zechariah 5:11; Isaiah 13). Saddam Hussein spent over 20 years rebuilding the city of Babylon. Today, with Saddam’s regime overthrown, the international community is discussing how to rebuild Iraq. (See Full 101 End Times Bible Prophecies Happening Today)

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I encourage you to download or print Ron Maurno’s “Bible Prophecy 101” and keep it handy as a Bible prophecy quick reference resource. ~Jack Kinsella   There is a theological difference between Israel and the Church.  

“…worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 19:10

Prophecy: History written in advance. Bible prophecy is God’s description of future events. (25% of the Bible is prophetic)
Prophet: A man, chosen by God, inspired to speak God’s message to reveal the future to man.
Eschatology: Derived from 2 Greek words meaning last and study. It is the study of end time events.
Amillennialism: Teaching that states that there is no millennium reign (1000 years) of Christ on earth.
Premillennialism: Teaching that Christ will literally and physically be on earth for a thousand year reign.
Postmillennialism: Teaches Reconstructionism, a belief that God’s kingdom began at the first coming of Jesus, and will advance throughout history until it fills the whole earth through conversion to the Christian faith and world view.

Bible Prophecy 101 – Handy Prophecy Reference Guide

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